Optimism and Orcs

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I was stopped by a tree, which I hit with my back, in an almost headstand. 

"Ugh graceful as an elf, but still as clumsy as a human." I grumbled to myself. Bilbo's figure ran up as I got to my feet, and I waved him off. 

"You can see me?"

"Kind of yes. We should surprise the others, c'mon I'll take to the trees you sneak on by."


I jumped up into a tree, grabbing a branch and swinging my body up with one hand, and launching up further. I followed Bilbo, out of sight from anyone on the ground, but fully able to see things below. We passed by Fili and Kili who stood watch, and I listened in on Gandalf and Thorin's conversation.

"That Hobbit never belonged with us, his only thoughts have been of his home and hearth! And that half elf you brought...." Thorin growled thunderously.

"They are trustworthy. I wouldn't have brought them if I doubted their skills or loyalties."

With Gandalf's kind words of reassurance Bilbo took off the ring behind some rocks, walking out as I dropped down from branch to branch. 

"You're right. My thoughts haven't left home since I ran out of my front door, and I've been miserable ever since. But I've stayed with you, through thick and thin because you have no home. Because of that I will do everything in my power to help you get your home back."

Thorin harrumphed and turned to me, looking at me expectedly.

"I know what it's like to have your home and family taken from you. I've felt the void of hopelessness and the draining of life's joy, and the weight of being helpless to your destiny. But you can get your home back, and I am going to do everything possible to get you back. Even if it means facing Smaug alone I will do so."

Thorin grimaced and walked away, and Gandalf smiled at us.

"Glad to see you both are alive, and unharmed."

I scoffed and turned away.

"Scarred for life though. C'mon Bilbo let's go rest and eat." I whistled four notes, akin to a songbird. Runningwind crashed through the brush, jumping into view and nuzzling my shoulder.

"Thank goodness your alive and well, I would have killed every Goblin in Middle earth if you had so much as a scratch."

Gandalf chuckled and walked up, patting Runningwind's neck gently.

"Luckily for the Goblins, she found her way around the mountain. She's amazing."

I went through her saddlebags and pulled out a carrot and some oats, feeding her before getting out some food for us. Bilbo and I ate silently as dusk approached, and the temperature dropped rapidly. 

A howl tore through the air, and I jumped up, recognising the blood-curdling sound of a warg. 

"Runningwind go, wait for my call." The horse snorted and took off, and I grabbed Bilbo's hand. I swung him up onto my back and shouted at the dwarves. "Get moving!"

Gandalf followed me as I charged through the trees, dodging branches and jumping logs. Bilbo clung tightly to my neck, but I ran on until I burst into a large clearing at the edge of a cliff. The howls grew closer the entire time, and the dwarves followed me. 

"Into the trees!"

Gandalf's cry had me moving in no time, and I scrambled up the biggest tree. Bilbo has one hell of a grip man, because he managed to stay on my back the entire time. I set him down on a branch halfway up the tree and launched back downwards, landing on the ground to help Bombur up. I sat on the lowest branch just as the wargs ran into the clearing.

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