Birds of a Feather chapter 16

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(OMGosh! I just love writing this story! 16 chapters! Yay! Over 400 views, 26 votes, and about 11 comments! Thanks everybody! I definetly should have mentioned it earlier, but *something written like this* is something a character is dreaming. Dream/flashback dream, that sort of thing. Sorry for any confusion, it's the only way my phone will put something in Italics. Anyways, I do not own Ultimate Spiderman)

  - Bird-

I looked up from the TV as Nova walked past. "How's Spidey?" I asked him.

"He's being reintroduced to technology. It's creepy, but I think he's just angry at us."

"For sending and leaving him in a world full of giant, man-eating reptiles?"

Nova laughed. "Actually, Iron Fist thinks he's angry about us bringing him back."

"What?" My eyes widened.

"I know, I don't believe him either." Nova said, plopping down on the couch. "What are you watching?"

I shrugged. "I just turned it on. I don't know where the remote is."

"Then look for it." Nova replied simply.

"I don't feel like it." I answered, leaning back.

To my surprise, Peter, in his Spiderman suit, walked into the room and leaned on the back of the couch, staring at the TV like it was some kind of miracle.

"The 'Frozen Valley' as it has come to be called, is believed to be the closest thing any scientist would have described as 'Paradise.'" A newslady smiled. "Here is Professor Silvers. Professor, what can you tell us about the frozen valley?"

"Isn't that one of our guys?" I asked Nova.

Nova shrugged.

"Many, many centuries ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, this valley was the ideal location for any herbivore." Silvers pointed to a picture of the 'Frozen Valley.'

"Wow." I said in awe.

It was beautiful. It was located in a huge circle, making the valley, mountains on either side. It seemed to be unreachable, but it was still breathtaking.

"We have found evidence of only one carnivorous species, but have not found the mystery dinosaur, nor classified it, which means we may have an entirely new species on our hands." Silver pointed to a small cave entrance, sharp ice making it look quite deadly. "We believe that it was a type of raptor. The valley itself would have frozen over almost overnight due to a very rare phenomonom we are only now classifying. Strangely, the ice itself has prevented all attempts at melting it, and nobody has been able to even enter. Also, whatever these raptors were, they were smart. See this barrier right here? They would have had the barrier there to keep the prey in the large valley, like cattle, and move it when migrating herds were near, then trapping them as well."

Before I could hear the rest of it, there was a loud crash, glass breaking. I turned to see a large window had been broken.

"What just happened?" I asked Nova.

"Spiderman jumped out the window!"

  - Peter-

I leaped out the window, not caring about breaking the window.

I swung as fast as I could until I simply reached the end of the city.

I changed into a Pterodactyl and flew, trying to imagine things as they had been.

And I flew.

Finally, I crossed over forest. Flew and flew and flew, following the trail I had led my pack on so long, yet not long at all, ago.

I could see it now. The valley. It was frozen over, but I could still see how amazing it had been. How perfect it had seemed.

I flew faster now, before swooping over the barrier, changing back to human forme and shooting a web at a patch of rock. I landed gracefully, and made my way across the ice to the cave.

I changed once more, into my raptor forme.

The deadly ice spikes retracted into the ground, and the ice disappeared from the ground.

I walked inside.

Drawings were on the wall, stories I had memorized. As I walked farther, I saw new ones.

A group of raptors, going on a mission to find a new home. The river, and the events that took place, the one that had saved them.

I kept walking, taking it all in. Starwatcher always did have a picture-perfect memory.

At the end though, they could sense the end was coming. The end of the dinosaurs.

They activated the stone's defenses, and fled as small mammals.

But at the end of it all, the dead end wall was... stunning.

A perfect, mini New York, drawn on the wall. And on the tallest building, a familiar hero in red and blue spandex. The figure was standing proud, heroic, and the sun shone in a way to make it look like he was glowing.

At the bottom, notes drawn in familiar clawwriting.

'Guard the stone when you get back to your world, k?- Roaringwater'

'Don't forget us. I never understood what you loved so much about the 'city' you're always talking about, but I hope your okay wherever you are. I know that the stars I see every night, you see as well, in your time.-Starwatcher'

'Thank you, Spider. You will never be forgotten. Scout says that you'll come here one day, in your time. Did you? I believe her.' Whirlwind'

'Scout has some silly idea in her head. Something about the stone. She's not joining us when we leave. Spider, protect her, she is a brave one, perhaps too brave. I trust that you will protect the stone.-Bluesky'

'Spider, the stone is freezing over the valley! I wish you could see it, it's kinda sad, but breathtaking all the same. Don't forget us, hero!-Racer'

'Did you know what my favorite stories were? Hearing about your Uncle Ben. I wish I could have met him, he was probably just as much of a hero as you. And the story about fast food places. But that's on a totally unrelated note, I mean, I'm not thinking about eating your Uncle. Darn, now you probably think I want to eat your Uncle Ben!-Hunter'

I laughed, then looked at the last one.

'You were, are, my best friend, Spider. Miss you.-Scout'

I smiled to myself and walked down another tunnel, feeling like I was supposed to go that direction.

I walked into a room filled with dazzling color. At the end, the Mythstone shone a dazzling array of blues.

I reached for it, drawn to it.

My hand touched the rock and all the colors disappeared. It regained it's pattern changing color.

I picked it up. It was smaller than I remember, but that was probably just my imagination.

I turned around, then stepped back in surprise.

A girl about my age smiled at me. She had light green eyes outlined in a darker shade of green, and her hair was just below her shoulders, black with red highlights.

She was wearing black pants, black sneakers, and a leather jacket over a black t-shirt.

She smiled again and stepped forward. "Ya miss me, Spider?"


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