24- Trip To Disneyland

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Imagine for Zara . (niazzzkilam)


Today was my birthday and Neymar said that he had a surprise for me .

I arrived home after a long day.

I found two suitcases at the door.

Closing the door behind me i walked to the living room confused.

I saw Neymar sitting there flipping through the channels.

"why is there suitcases at the door?" i asked him as he stood up in front of me and hugged me.

"well i did tell you i have a surprise for you right?" he asked reaching for his pochet.

i nodded my head,

"well guess who's going to Disneyland! " He showed me the two plane tickets to Paris.

"omg Neymar this is amazing thank you so much" i hugged him tightly and kissed him.

" so our flight is in an hour so might as well get ready" i giggled and hugged him one last time before running upstairs to change.


Skip to after the flight .


I looked around the hotel room as Neymar put the suitcases on the bed .

"This is amazing Neymar thank you" i turned to him grinning .

" well what do you think about a going sigh seeing " he asked holding my waist .

" Let's go" i grabbed his arm and dragged him out.


After sigh seeing Neymar took me to a romantic dinner.

Then we went back to the hotel room.

"tonight was amazing Neymar thank you so much for everything"

He came to me and held my waist kissing my lips roughly as i wrapped my arms around his neck kissing back.

Which ended with us in the bed.

you can imagine the rest .


I woke up in the morning with Neymar's arm wrapped around my bare body.

I snuggled closer to him and he shifted then looked at me.

" morning babe" he said in raspy voice .

"morning" i pecked his lips.

he held me closer to him.

" Zara ?" he asked me.

" mmh" i hummed.

" you know that I love you right. "

i gasped

"you do?"

" more than anything else"

" i love you too Neymar."

He ended it with a kiss .


Done Neymar is back again.

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