Knives of jealousy

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Days passed and i always have the same feelings when I'm with jack.

"Yo! Frosty!" I called him.

He turn around i tossed him with a big snowball.

"Oh, you want one? Now let's have one." He said mischievously.

He throw many snowballs at me that i cant no longer fight.

He stops and hid behind a wall.

Hmmp? Oh yeah!

He faced me and his face widen.

Why? I was holding a snowflake that was bigger than him.

"Better..... RUN" i said then he started running. Hahhaha!

"Payback, frostie!" I said then throw it at him.

"Ouch! That was fun!" He said then i nod.

We rested on a log beside the pond.

"You know jack, I've never been so happy again." I said smiling ear-to-ear.

"Elsa, since you're my bestfriend. I wanna show you something." He said.

"What is it?" I ask then he picked me up bridal style and fly.

My heart beats faster. OMG!

But where is he taking me?

We got down on a kingdom.

Wait? I know this kingdom.

Oh yeah! This kingdom is the kingdom of corona. My aunt and cousin lives here!

He Led me inside the castle.

I saw aunt, i mean queen raplene (punz's mother's name has never been told on the movie so i just maked one)

"Hi aunt raplene!" I said as i bow.

"Oh hi dear! What brings you here? And who is that?" Aunt raplene ask.

"Tell her that we came for rapunzel." Jack whispered on me.

"Um we came here for rapunzel and he is Jack Frost." I said introducing jack.

"Oh, lemme just call rapunzel." Aunt raplene said then walk away.

We were waiting on the sofa and punz came.

Her long blonde hair are so adorable.

"Oh hi, cous elsa! And hey, jack!" She greeted us.

"Wait? You knew jack?" I ask curiously.

"Yeah, we're best of the friends." She replied.

"Okay..." I said.

"Plz guys you can sit on the table chairs and I'm just gonna bake some cookies and pies!"she said and made us sit on the front chair table. So we can see her cooking.

"Jack, why are we here for rapunzel?" I ask.

He just stared on rapunzel and didnt reply.

I felt jealous.

"Jack." I said that maked him bring back to reality.

"Why are we here for rapunzel?" I ask again.

"We are here because i wanna tell you something.....

Rapunzel's my first ever bestfriend before you.

I've been hiding some feeling from her until now.

Elsa, i love rapunzel." He explain.

And i feel like my heart was stabbed with a knives of jealousy and heartbreaks.

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