The day i fell

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"Hey! Elsa!" A guy scream.

I turn around and saw jack. My bestfriend and the only person that knows me too well.

"Oh hey jack!" I greeted him.

"How's the life being the queen of arandelle?" He said smiling widely.

The smile on my face drop.

"Hard......" I answer then look down.

"Hard and complicated. I rather wanna spend my whole life in my room than to live like this. What if i hurt everybody? I still cant control my powers. And i dont wanna hurt anna. I love her so much." I explained with tears forming on my eyes.

I tried to stop it, but once again, tears always win.

Jack went down from the air and puts his finger on my chin that makes me look at his deep blue eyes. He caressed my cheek.

"Dont worry, snowflake. Everything's gonna be alright. No matter what happens, I'm always by your side." He said then hugs me.

The moment he hugged me...

It's like the things around us stops and floating hearts are the things that i can see around us. I felt that butterflies and fireworks conquered on my stomach and my heart goes crazy like "tug dug tug dug".

What's happening?

Have i gone wild?

I hugged back.

And that's moment i realized i love him....

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