4.) the message

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I'm in my bedroom right now. I'm terrified. my parents are starting at me, mouths wide open. I'm to afraid to scream or cry. I could just run out my bed, go out the house and scream hoping the neighbours would hear me, before it gets me. you are probably very confused now, so let me explain.

I heard screams from the other end of the house, so I went to investigate. I needed the loo really badly, so I stupidly went. I could of got myself killed. I suddenly felt a chill up my spine. I looked out the bathroom, and saw blood on the carpet. I thought that it was just my imagination, so I just ignored it and went back to bed.

a couple of minutes later something came in my room. it wasn't human for sure. it had no hair, or eyes and It was naked. it had the dead bodies of my parents slung over its shoulders. it positioned my parents carefully and cleverly. it perched my dad on the edge of my bed, facing me, and put my mum on a chair. it rubbed its hands together and starting making marks on the wall with blood. it finished with writing a message on my wall, which I couldn't make out, and then took position under my bed ready to strike. my eyes suddenly switched.

I could read the writing on the wall

it said, I know your awake

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