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- Lacey's P.O.V -

“Oh, hey Joe” I smiled as the Joe (Sugg) came and sat on my bed

“Hey, Lace. Do you need help with anything?”

“No thanks, It's just washing. I'm good”

“Lace, can I talk to you?”

“Sure?” I smiled sitting next to him

“Are you and Brad a thing?”

“No, we broke up a little while ago. 3 weeks I think?”

“Lacey, theres been rumours, a lot of them.”

“About w..w..what?”

“Chai and you dating, everyones talking about it”

“We're not dating”

“Okay, just thought you should know, so you could clear things up”

“Thanks Joe” I smiled pulling him in for a hug

“No problem” He whispered

We pulled away from the hug, our faces still quite close and only know I realise how nice his eyes are, a perfect blue/grey. They sparkled in the light of the spare bedroom window

“So you're single?”


“Atleast we'll have no regrets”


“For this”

He, well we leaned in as he kissed my lips gently, It was kind of perfect, in a weird way? I think I really like Joe, like really, really like Joe.

Explaining this to Zalfie is gonna be awkward.....

Let alone the gang.

And Brad?

Oh Crap.

Wait, he cheated on me.


“Hey Lace, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Um..yeah, yes I will” We grinned

and kissed again............



So your probably like

What just happened?

Why is it so short?


Well, I wanted to just write this “scene” because the next few chapters will be all drama llama!

Idk how I'm going to do it but yeah, this is where it gets interesting! :D

Also, if anyone has a good idea for the name of this chapter, please comment it but no spoilers! (About the kiss)

Ty and ily all x


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