Chapter 19: the theme park

A few days has passed and I guess most of the students have gotten over the fact that I'm actually dating Taylor. Take note of the word 'most' because I still earn glares from some girls, most of which are still in the 'Taylor fan club'. Yeah, they haven't given up.

"are you day-dreaming? or just dreaming about me?" Taylor asked, smirking as he quirked up an eyebrow.

"you wish I dreamt about you," I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

"don't stop, believing! hold on to the feeling!" he sang, totally off tune.

"can someone call for an ambulance? or the police? because he just killed my eardrums and I'm pretty sure it's illegal to sing this horrifyingly" I deadpanned.

"you're mean!"

"yet you're still dating me," I smirked.

"yeah, I'm starting to second guess it"

That hurt. It sounded like a joke, but it hurt. It was ike saying he didn't like me anymore. Like he didn't like my sarcasm, or jokes, or comebacks or even me, myself. Get a grip of youreself, Summer. It's a joke.

It still hurt.

That's because you have girly emotions.

Wanna know why? because I am a freaking girl brain!

really? never knew.


you're calling yourself a dumbass.

No wonder I fail most my tests! because I have a dumbass brain! I need a new one!


"Summer, I was kidding," he said, concerned to my expression on my face.

"yeah, I know..." I muttered.

"seriously, I was kidding. I would never second guess it," he gave me a smile.

"I hope"

He gave me a peck on my lips and instantly I felt better.

"wanna do something today? like go out?" he asked.

It was still in the morning and there wasn't any school today. Thank god. I've had enough glares already.

"sure, where?"

"the theme park," he grinned.

"the tickets?"

"already got them" he confidently smiled.

"how'd you know I'd be free?"

"because I got a spy to stalk you around," he deadpanned, "because I know you! and usually you either stay home and watch movies, or go out with either Zoe, Britney or me."

"you know me too well" I muttered.

"thank you, thank you," he said, bowing to his non-existant audience.

"who you bowing to? casper the friendly ghost and his friends?" I snorted.

"yeap!" he exclaimed.

"you're retarded."

"now now, let's be nice," he smiled.


"fine, then stay exactly the way you are cause I like you better like that."

"first, you want me to be nice, then you want me to be myself... girl, tell me what you want, what you really really want," I laughed, quoting Wannabe by Spice Girls.

"I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazag ah" he continued, then laughed, me following along.


The theme park was not that crowded today, mostly because it was a school day and a working day. The parents would be working, so that'd make it hard for the younger ones to come to the theme park, besides elementary school kids still had school today. Hah, losers. Then well, for those in other schools, they also had school. I honesyly don't know why there was no school for us today, but yay for us I guess.

"which ride first?" I asked Taylor.

"House of Horrors!" I excaimed, clapping my hadns together, excited.

"fine," he grumbled.

"you better shape up! cause I need a man! and my heart is set on you!" I sang You're The One That I Want from Grease, teasing him.

"it's electrifying!" he played along, even though that part came before it.

I liked horror things and stuff, but not Chucky. Nothing ever related to Chucky. It was freaky okay. It looked like a mash up of a clown and a doll. As if clowns itself weren't scary enough... So when it came to the part where there were like dolls and Chucky all around, I gripped onto Taylor's arm, even though they weren't real. You never know, maybe one of the real ones were finding in them, as a disguise, then when the time it's right, they'll strike and kill everyone in that teeny tiny space.

What? It could happen.

"where to next?"

"you can choose this time!" I smiled at Taylor.

"the Simpsons!" he sang, almost like the original theme song.

"okay okay" I laughed.

The Simpsons ride was extremely cool. It was a simulation of a broken roller coaster ride.

"Jurassic Park!" I exclaimed.

Taylor smiled and we began walking towards the attraction.

"hey wait, are you hungry?" Taylor asked.

"I'm okay, besides I wouldn't want to puke after the ride," I smiled.

"that's true."

The ride was amazing too, as always. Everything that involves horror stuff, zombies, unicorns, dinosaurs, and rainbow monkeys are always cool. It was trilling, but maybe we should've went on that ride last, because currently I was wet. At least I wasn't that wet, Taylor too, but oh well, we had extra clothes. I had my Polaroid, extra clothes, my wallet, phone, and some other important stuff.


"the Ferris Wheel?" Taylor asked.


"you wanna kiss me at the top of the Ferris wheel don't you?" he smirked.

"mmhmm yeah sure," I rolled my eyes.

This was pretty cliche, but yet it made me all mushy and cheesy inside. It should be on some people's bucket lists right? Kissing on too of the Ferris wheel. While almost at the top of it, I took my Polaroid camera out, planning to try take a picture of us kissing on top on the Ferris wheel. Taylor, however, took out his phone planning to take a picture.

At the top, we finally kissed. It made my stomach explode into millions of colourful fireworks, heart bursting into flames and mind going crazy. I almost dropped my camera as I almost forgot about it.

It was weird. If at the start of the year, you tell me that'd I would like Taylor or be a cool kid, I'd been laughing my ass off. But of course, things change, people change, feelings change and most importantly, life changes.

And boy, don't I do that my life is going to change now that I'm dating the school's Mr Cool Kid. In fact, it already did, and so far, it's good.

~The End~


A/N: ITS THE END!! Hope you've liked this book. I'm working on another book so *smirks* You guys are amazing<3 and there is no sequel okay, sorry bout it:( however, thanks for the votes, lovely comments and all your reads lovelies!:)) also, thanks so much to @carnelians for the lovely cover to the side! it's amazing and i love you haha!


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