Chapter 1

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It's the start of term and I have walked into unknown territory.

The school is massive. Students running everywhere to get to classes and others are staring at me as if I am a green alien with a sign on my head that says 'look at me' but other than that I was okay. That was until a guy running past barged into me causing all my books to collide with each other and belly flop onto the floor.

Great, I thought whilst I gathered all of my books.

Remember stay clam, be nice and get involved. I told myself as I stood up.

It was a new school, new day, new start and it's my job to make a good impression.

Well, making a good impression did not go well. The first person I went up to ignored me. Does this happen in all schools because it makes me feel uncomfortable? But anyway, the bell rang and soon enough it was just me, standing on my own with empty books in my arms and packed lunch made by my mum. She still makes my lunch even to this day!


Ever since I started primary school, I have always had a peanut butter sandwich with an apple on the side.

After moments of silence, I decided to walk up the stairs and down a corridor to get to the principal's office.

The corridor was scattered with colourful blotches of abstract paintings which were plastered to the wall by thumbtacks. Some were amazing, other not so much but all were very interesting to look at.

I look, scanning from left to right and then looking to my left again. In front of me in bold, black letters are the words Mr Dawton (Principle) on a plaque stuck to the wooden door.

I could now feel the butterflies fill my stomach, I felt like I was going to puke them up and watch them as they flutter away from me but I held my ground.

I clutch my hand on the bronze door knob and turn it slowly. The door opens with a loud speak which definitely ruins the moment of being quiet and sliding in.

He turns his chair around so that he is not facing his bookshelf but giving his full attention to me.

Principle Dawton had the most scariest face I had ever seen. He had a bold head, thick brown eyebrows, thin lips that showed a tint of colour and eyes which causes you stop breathing, as if something about his presence was tightening your airways.

Then he spoke.

"Hello, Ebony." Speaking in a gentle voice and gesturing to the chair opposite him.

"Welcome to your new school. I hope you make yourself feel welcome. But before you do, I have your timetable". He handed me the timetable and I snatched it, eager to see what classes I have first.

Gee's it looked complicated.

Colours everywhere and numbers scattered, listing the rooms I will be in. It was like reading a treasure map, the classes were the x.

"Now you will need to turn left down the end of this corridor and then into the room 98B. Any questions?"

"No. All good to go!", I said whilst folding my timetable in half

"Alright, have a great day. I hope the students make you feel welcomed. Bye."

As soon as he said bye, I was out of that room in seconds. I don't think I even said thank you.

Oh well. I thought whilst shrugging my shoulders.

I closed the door behind me and turned my attention to a clock on the wall opposite me.

OMG, 9:15 class started 15 minutes ago. I look down the hallway to my left and start speed walking.

After a few steps the realisation of starting at a new school was settling in.

Was I going to make friends, was I going to fit in, who am I going to sit next too at lunch, where the hell is the science room?

So many questions were running through my head and none of them were getting answers.

I turn left again, then see the classroom 98B.

My legs are getting more shaky as I loomed closer to the classroom. By the time I reached the door I felt like I was going to faint.

Reaching my hand out I knocked on the door, three knocks, to be precise should do the trick.

I waited patiently for the door to open up to my new schooling life.

And it did, with a bit of waiting cause I think the teacher didn't hear me the first time so I knocked again.

Eventually the door opens and the teacher is right in front of me.

It was a bit overwhelming actually. She looks down and said to me "We were expecting you".

I hesitate because what she said, sounded very creepy. I mean, imagine what I was feeling.

Actually I could tell you.

She said those words with a tone of voice that increased my heart beat to its max. I could tell this teacher was one who I should not cross with.

The teacher leads me in using her left hand to point me in the direction to stand directly IN FRONT OF THE CLASS.

OMG, My heart is racing, pounding against my skin, a feeling I know too well.

Everyone has stopped what they are doing to get a glimpse of 'the new girl'.

I really hope i don't get called that. I already hate my name but to call me something worst. Oh no girl, you can't do that.

My cheeks start to fill with colour and I can feel my face rising in temperature.

The teacher introduced me to the class and tells me to take a seat in the second row, next to the window.

Which may I add, had a beautiful view over the ocean.

I could here the waves crashing and tumbling over each other, rolling up to the beach, tickling the toes of the people walking in the swash.

The noise was soothing and the breeze was dam well refreshing.

It was only when the teacher cleared her throat that i noticed she was staring right at me.

I guess that's not a good start to the lesson, giving the impression that I am not interested in her history lesson today. I wonder what her name is, I think I might ask after class. It's kind of rude if I don't.

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