Chapter four

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Maddie is first to empty out her bag. She went to local stores to collect winter clothes, which is helpful because winter is in a few months. She empties out a load of jumpers, long pants, and beanies. The items are split amongst all six of us, including myself. When I say the items were split, I mean a literal Hunger Games occurred. Cheyenne punched anyone who went near the cherry-red leather jacket, and Adam and Sophie were screaming over who got the Green Day jumper; Adam won and Sophie stomped on his foot, no-doubtedly breaking his toe. Michael threw himself on top of a Vans brand jumper, cradling it with his own body. Maddie had already grabbed the clothes she wanted beforehand, sitting on them.

That is the story of how I was left with a simple grey zip-up jacket and a pair of too-big black jeans.

"Wait!" Sophie yells, "I don't have a jumper!"

Everyone looks around, trying to see if anyone grabbed two instead of one. Cheyenne suddenly slaps her head with her palm, causing Maddie to scream.

"You imbeciles!" she sighs. "When Maddie went out this morning, there was five of us. She only got enough clothes for five of us." Guilt washes through me. Maybe I'm just making things harder for them, I think to myself.

"Oh," I say. "Here," I pass my jacket to Sophie. "You can have this, I don't need it anyway."

Sophie throws the jacket back at me. "I don't want that!" she exclaims. "I WANT THE GREEN DAY ONE!"

"Too late!" Adam laughs, running away. Sophie following after him, murder thick in her eyes.

Michael rolls his eyes and calls them back into the dining room.

"You idiots will give our position away!" He hisses. "Do you know nothing about Zombie Apocalypses?"

"Actually, I don't," Sophie says. "I only ever watched The Walking Dead, and let's face it, we don't have a Rick Grimes, so we ain't getting anywhere in this apocalypse."

"What?" Maddie asks, confused. "That made no sense."

"You make no sense," Sophie shoots back. Adam slow claps from the corner, shaking his head. Sophie flips him off and takes a seat at the table.

"So what are we gonna do?" she asks, turning to face Cheyenne. By now I can see that Cheyenne has the authority over the group.

"Someone needs to go on another run," Michael says.

"I volunteer as tribute!" Sophie yells.

"NO! NO!" Maddie screams, clinging onto Sophie's arm. Adam laughs and Cheyenne smiles.

"HUSH!" Michael yells, holding back his laughter. "You've done that so many times it's not funny anymore."

"You're laughing," Sophie points out.

"Back to business," Cheyenne says, clapping her hands together, causing Maddie to jump - again. "You're going on another run?" She asks Sophie, who nods. "Great. Alice can go with you." That took me by surprise. Sophie nods again.

"Are you going to go now, or are we going to sort out the rest of the supplies?" Michael asks.

"Supplies," Chey says.

Adam grabs his bag and empties the contents onto the table. Weapons. Guns, knives, ammo, hammers, the whole lot. This time, there was no haste to grab what is on the table.

"Fresh. Right from the police department," Adam says, monotone. I guess weapons are a sore subject for these people.

"Okay," Michael says. "Grab what you guys need." Maddie, Chey, and Adam all reach to grab a few weapons each. Michael does the same. I look over to Sophie and see she hasn't moved an inch.

Once all the weapons are separated, me having received ammo for the pistol I found in Chicago and a dagger, Sophie walks up to the table to empty out her bag. Before she does so, Cheyenne puts a hand on her arm.

"Are you going to take a weapon?" She asks. Sophie shakes her head, no.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Adam yells. "We will NOT let you leave the house with only one bullet and a pistol!"

Sophie sighs and says, "We've been over this before, guys." Maddie shakes her head.

"NO WAY," she exclaims. "You cannot leave the flipping house without any flipping weapons or you will flapping die, you flip flap!"

"I refuse," Sophie says.

"The people who don't take weapons die you know," Michael inputs. That is the end point for me. I can't take this petty bickering anymore.

"Oh, we all die," I say. Everyone's heads snap to look at me. Five pairs of eyes are focused on me, all faces are unamused except for Adam and Sophie, who are both smirking.

"Whatever," Michael gives in. "Do what you want."

"Okay," Sophie says.

She places her bag on the table and starts to empty out the insides. There is a small amount of tension in the room as Sophie takes out can after can. She obviously went grocery shopping. "

"Hey, Maddie," Sophie says. Maddie looks up and raises her eyebrows at Sophie. It's like the room has been covered in a damp cloth, no one is energetic anymore. I can read all their faces. They have all had enough and are tired. I can tell that they've seen a lot, and they are really close as a group.

"I got this for you," Sophie smiles as she pulls out a small jar of some green stuff. Maddie gasps.

"Is this?" she exclaims, taking the jar into her hand. "It is!" She starts screaming and pulls Sophie into a hug.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" she screeches. Sophie just laughs.

"What is it?" Chey asks, curious.

"PESTO!" Maddie yells, holding the jar up like in the Lion King. Everyone starts laughing, screaming out of happiness about the pesto sauce. Even Chey is laughing, taking the moment to cool off. A strange feeling of jealousy pulses through me. I never had a friendship like that. I never had anyone who I could mess around with, no one to just laugh with. I stand there and watch them rejoicing over a jar of pesto for god knows why.

A small while later, Sophie and I are standing in the doorway, bags packed and armed. Well... I'm armed.

"Okay, remember, if a group of zombies come after you, hide. Don't fight." Michael says. We nod and step outside.

"Be careful!" Chey yells.

"We will!" Sophie replies. We start to walk down the street. I breath in the cool air and sigh. This is peaceful.


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