Chapter 8: Discovery

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"I cannot see him... I will not see him. ahhhhhh"

Brave was pacing across her room. she would pretend to go to school but really go to the woods and watch Declan from afar.

She screamed at the top of her lungs... her mother would not care. she hated her... the monster did not care about the demon. no....

"no-one could love me and Declan had just proven that."

She didn't love him... she may have had a little crush on him. She thought he was a friend. she thought she finally found someone who cared. but not he just wanted her pants... well wants inside her pants

"Ahhh who am I kidding? he never loved me, he never cared..."

Brave through a pillow across her room and let out another ear piercing scream...

And from downstairs she heard her mothers voice...

"Shut-up b*tch... what the f*ck is wrong with you... stupid idiot of a person. I don't even know why you are my are nothing like me."

"And proud of it b*tch."

Brave didn't want another fight so she just whispered it... And jumped out of her two story house, bedroom window and ran... she needed to think. And thinking she did best in the woods..


"Declan.... babe long time no see..."

"F*ck of Andrea."

"Ohhhh out giving me the silent treatment" Andrea cooed whilst striking Declan's chest.... and purring she stopped and looked at his furious face...

"Get your sl*tty hands off me."

"Fine... I will leave you and brave alone if you listen to me."

"Brave is not what she looks like. she... she is a vampire."

... Declan thought about this and realized that deep down he knew that Andrea was telling somewhat of the truth... he never ate and she always looked white when she sniffed...

"No... get list Andrea. you are a liar and a sl*t... What more do you want."

"Well she is not here today is she... I bet she is in the woods. Maybe you should go look..."

And with that she turned on her heels, wiggled her behind... Looked back and smirked... then kept walking and walked straight into the locker.

Declan couldn't help but howl with laughter and so did every other student and teacher in the halls... she stalked off and walked into the girls bathroom... no doubt to fix her already messed up make-up.


By morning break... curiosity was eating Declan alive. he needed to see. he stood up and walked out, and on the way he saw a smirking Andrea giving him the 'I told you so' look.

She knew he was inquisitive and curious...

He shoved shoved her past... " shut-up" and then he left the school grounds and headed into the woods... to who knows what?


Brave jumped down from her tree and landed perfectly... Head down, hair over her face and blood on her lips, she was crouching, one hand on the ground and the opposite knee on the ground... both feet on the ground.

she had her eyes closed and her fangs were excreted... Her eyes were bloodshot and bright red and her ears were twitching... She was listening for we prey just like her daddy taught her...

"Just like you taught me daddy, ready?"

She listened intently then she heard footsteps south... and she was up and running in a flash...


------(Song burning heart playing in the background-from rocky soundtracks)-------



She listened intently then she heard footsteps south... and she was up and running in a flash...

She ran and ran... The wind whipped her hair as she listened to everything and saw everything around her.

Her senses were on high alert and she was ready to kill... her mouth filled with venom, she was getting closer to her prey... she could hear the heart and the blood drumming in her ears from their strong heart....

It sounded like a human heart but she tossed that thought away with the shake of her head.. she could see the wind around her, and ear the wind around her... but that heart sounded so human...

No it could not be... humans did not venture this far into the woods...

She stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at Declan... he haven't seen her yet. She was hiding in the dense of the bush... She knew she had red eyes and her fangs were out and her hair was wild from the wind an she had no shoes and she looked very much like what she was... she looked very much like a vampire.

Declan turned to her direction and said..."i know you are there princess... brave please show yourself."

There was a ray of light that entered the woods... brave moved light not to make a sound and walked forward into the light so he could see her...

" that you."

"Yes it is... Declan leave... I am hunting and you smell..."

Venom dripped from her mouth and Declan moved forward...

Declan what are you doing????... I cannot hurt you... please.......Declan please" brave was almost whispering an hissing at him by this point

"I have faith in you... you will not hurt me."

"No but I will hurt her for taking you away from me..." Andrea looked at brave and smirked... "wow you look like hell."

"Nothing like your ordinary Andrea." Declan retorted

Brave couldn't take it anymore... she lunged at Andrea... and to her surprise Andrea lunged back... Clashing brave to the ground....


"I am a werewolf... the last actually. your mother kindly told me what you were. I suspected it but I needed acknowledgment of my discovery. I know you are wondering how you didn't hear me... I am a werewolf I can be quite when I want to be and I knew you would be alert slyly would be listening to Declan's heart..."

She didn't finish before Declan rammed her into a tree...

It was Andreas turn to act shocked..u "how?"

"I work out... My father made me work out... Me told me about supernatural creatures like you but I didn't believe him but I trained anyway. I am as strong as any werewolf... Including you..."

And with that... Declan lunged at Andrea... Andrea had we back against a tree so she was trapped... Declan swung at her face... she crumpled to the ground withering in pain... She screamed as Declan pulled her hair up and yanked her hair backwards...

hearing a crack and seeing blood flow everywhere... Brave moved forward... put a hand on Declan's shoulder.

"Declan... I cannot control myself anymore. there is blood on the ground..."

Declan quickly moved aside as brave roared and sliced Andrea's throat...

she licked her lips as the last drop of blood fell into her mouth... declan now knew who she was and andrea was dead... this was a discovery she would not forget quickly

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