They finally came

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       My parents had finally come. But it was 1:34 am and they weren't here to pick me up, they were here to tell me ciel, and that idiot gurl lizzy, that lizzys parents had changed their mind. After 13 years they have decided that Ciel wasn't a suitable betrothal for Their daughter. Not long after that lizzy parents came to pick up the sobbing lizzy, She fought them eventually liking at them , they finally got her into the carragie and away from the estate.  I grinned at my parent and went over to ciel .He was so shocked he couldn't move

"I'm souuu sorry Ciel  " I said like I really cared but I was glad that Lizzy was out of the picture.  So now I can make my move on ciel . Soon enough I won't be Crimson Soul , I'll be Crimson phantomehive,  i thought in my head and smiled , but snapped back into character.  I fake sobbed "I thought you two were perfect for each other :'("

   All I got from ciel was a sigh, a sad sigh.ALMOST LIKE HE ACTUALLY LOVE THE TROUT FACED WRETCHE!!!

   I ran up to my room, and screamed in hate , "THAT DAMN TROUT, I HATE HER , AND I'LL HATE HER UNTIL THE DAY I DIE"

I shouted so loud , I knew that everyone could hear me downstairs , and lizzy probably heard my rant from 5 miles away.

      A few moments  later my parents have gone home and left me here , i heard a knocking on the door "who is it?" I asked hoarsely , all my yelling made me loose my voice,  "lady soul, may I come in?" sebastian said "I tould you dount caull me lady you imbusoul" that scratch in my throat made my accent more noticeable than ever,

sebastian had crept into my room , holding a dark green night gown " milady,  your pajamas " he said bowing slightly toward me , I took the gown and slammed the door in mid face , I got dressed and just sat in bed , I waited a little longer until I tiptoed out if bed and made my way to the garden,  The only peaceful place in the estate.  Once I was out side I shut the patio door , the flowers were illuminated by the moon light, My red eyes shinned almost glowed , I sat on a chair deep in thought when couldn't sleep either , huh?" it was ciel , he was   sitting in a patio chair in a dark blue robe, almost like he wanted to match his eyes . "nou,  nou I couldn't" I said

       "This is where i come for quite....but now thinking about it,  if i wanted quiet i should get out of the estate" I mummbled the last part so that he wouldn't get mad

     the scene was actually quite romantic,  you know if ciel liked me. "what are u gonna dovnow, more importantly who are u gonna betrothed when you become of age?" I asked it voge to show that it had to be me

he stood quite for a while, then he got up and walked away

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