One day, Jody and Lucia were complaining that they were sick of each other (really, they vomited on each other) and they wanted to have someone to play with, but Bob didn't know Jodina and Lucina's phone number, so he decided to buy them a pet each. They had 200 dollars each, the teacher gave it to them for getting a scholarship, but at their school, they give them money instead of a scholarship.

They went to the pet shop. Jody fell in love with a super cheap pony. Only 149.99 dollars and for a pony, boy was that cheap! Lucia liked a cat, she named it Koosy in honour of Koosy (Lola). Jody named her horse Pooby. Koosy and Pooby got along quite well. Koosy was only 99.99. After buying collars and everything, Jody, Lucia and Bob went home. Ms Posh-Bum and her poodle, Miss Prude-Tush came walking by. If you don't know already, tush means bum. "Is that a pony?" Ms Posh-Bum asked, surprised. "Yes. And ponies are better than poodles any day!" Jody shot at her. Ms posh-bum looked astonished. She left, muttering.

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