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Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Ugh, what time is it?" Am I a morning person? Well as you can see no. Am I late for the first day of school? ... Yeah I am!

"Dad! Why didn't you wake me up?!" I asked shouting while running down the stairs trying to manage combing my hair and not falling down.

I was on my to get bed until I saw a note again. Well, of course the note had to be from my dad as expected.

Morning Squirt,

                 Sorry I had to join an important meeting at work. I promise I'll make it up to you next time.



Well I'm pretty much used to this kind of thing. Dad leaving a note and not even leaving breakfast for me. Sucks. That's why I have to go all the way to the convenient store to buy breakfast.

Walking in I could already tell what I'm gonna buy, hotdog on bun. I know its not really a breakfast meal but hey at least I get to eat.

"Hey Alice," Alice is the niece of the owner of the store and my friend. She's actually a working student at the age of 20.

"Hey Jade, late for school?"

"Yup, you guessed it," I replied while Alice hands me my so called breakfast.

"Well enjoy and come back again," she said with a smile.

After buying my breakfast, I bring out my phone and text Monique to ask her if she's in school with the others already.

From: Monique

Yeah we are. Where are you?

Since that answers my question I have no time to reply to her anymore because I have to get to school fast before the opening ceremony begins. Worst thing is I'm just on my skateboard.

Turn here, go straight and I'm in school just about time before the opening ceremony begins. I see students from last year going to their friends and hugging them as if they haven't seen each other for years.

I come in the stadium and look for the others and find them on the highest steps of the bleachers. It amazes me that there are so much more students in school. There are even cute little toddlers with their guardians or parents.

On my way up I see couples already flirting, some girls putting on make up and acting all cute, boys being perverts, and then I spot the girls. Monique, Shana, Giselle, Kaitlyn, Perry, and Me. We aren't those students who are legit popular we're just known to the whole school. All of us are in varsity teams. Monique, Giselle, and Perry are in the basketball team while me, Kaitlyn, and Shana are in the soccer team.

"Hey guys!"

"Jade, what happened to you? Why are you so late?" Kaitlyn asked. Kaitlyn, me, and Perry are all related since we're cousins. Kaitlyn never really likes getting late she actually goes haywire if she sees that one of us is almost late like in this scenario for example.

"Hey. I'm not late some people are just early and besides Principal Brown isn't even here yet," I said.

"I heard that they're announcing the ones who won in the tournament during summer," Giselle said with her oh so sweet and angelic voice. Giselle Magnolia everybody! She is the daughter of the most famous and successful business man and woman of the whole city. Their business is 'Magnolia Delights' its a really big candy store its like The Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

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