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It's been a good month since Giselle car lost gas and the gentlemen Khalil helped her to get home, that night they both felt something they never felt with any stranger. As bad as Khalil wanted to stay the night he dropped her off, he barely knew her and knew she was the type of woman who not even like that. she's very classy and closed in. Khalil read her like a book, she's not really happy at all.. so she keeps herself busy to avoid sitting and thinking bout not being happy at all, money don't make people that happy.

Khalil believes he could change a woman like Giselle. knowing how he is with women, Giselle was something different, that smile she has was suppose to always stay on her face. He wanted to do that for her. Make her smile.. But with his lifestyle? he don't know if she'd even consider dealing with all that.

Khalil was a street nigga, drug game, all that. Of course he had many many women that killed to be the MRS in his life but he wasn't looking for all that until he came across Giselle. but just after he left he got back to his old ways, getting money and fucking many bitches. So many done got fucked and passed instead of one in particular. Kimberley .. he slipped up and didn't use a condom with her 2 years ago and got her pregnant.. now has a 2 year old daughter named Alexia . They live with him but Khalil is single, he does as he pleases plus he has 2 houses. one for them when he goes past and one for him to do him. Kim desperately wants to have Khalil as hers and tries everything for him to even see she's the one for him but? he just don't see it. He cares for Kimberley just cause she's the mother of his daughter he makes sure she's good at all times may fuck her time to time to shut her up bout them being together but not looking to be tied didnt to no woman. again till he met Giselle.

Tonight he was getting ready for a party, his partnas invited him to a club party that he couldn't turn down he was ready to get lit and was ready to get away from Kim . she's been bugging lately for no reason, saying he doesn't come to see his daughter enough when he comes and see her when he can which is a lot, she's just tripping.

Fixing his watch and checking hisself out . he had on white fitted jeans sagging a little and a jean shirt with a gold Rolex , his gold chain and a cute SnapBack turned to the back with his black Jordan's . Kim walked in, she's bout 4'11 , lightskin long black hair and the perfect body. " you look nice " " i know . " Kim loves Khalil so much and he knows that but still not tryna be with her because he love her but not in love. Just looking at him makes Kim wanna throw him on the bed and make their second baby but when they have sex he makes sure to use a condom "i put lex to bed, are you coming back tonight?" " i don't know I'll see how i feel " she rolled her eyes " okay . " he peeped she had an attitude but didn't care at all . grabbing his keys and phone he kissed his daughter & then kim on the forehead " I'll call you . cheer up princess . " " yeah yeah . " getting in his car he left, taking Kim's heart right with him.

Walking into the party it was in full affect, this shit was live and he couldn't wait to get to his section and pop some bottles. spend some money, seeing some of his home boys they greeted each other and the party began. He got lit by his 4th shot of vodka, " i wanna go dance man, all these banging ass females got a nigga ready to take one home" " then go at it bro " he threw back another shot getting ready to head down there. He danced with like 7 bitches in 5 mins, all the females wanted a piece of Khalil and he loved it. He happened to look up and it's like his whole attention span was on this one woman.. looking more at her she turned around as her hair flipped over her shoulder. It was her, Giselle. His whole body got hot seeing her again, the girl he's been thinking bout seeing was right in his presence again & he didn't wanna miss the opportunity to speak to her. " would you excuse me, you were great. catch up with a nigga later " he bit lip and walked towards Giselle. she was at the bar and he admired her outfit, white joggers and a strapless crop too looked more like a bra but that whole outfit compliments her assets . she had on gold heels and a gold charm bracelet on her wrist with her hair in a ponytails with bambo earrings. damn she was bad. he said to hisself, thats when he finally seen he was behind her. Right when he went to tap her she turned around "oh my god! I'm so sorry am i in your way?" when she realized who it was, her body for hot. Just like Khalil Giselle felt the same way finally seeing him again, she didn't understand why she felt like this but? it was all new to her. " oh hey Khalil right?" "you remembered," "i mean, i remember faces" " what are you doing here?" "just for the party, I'm here with my bestfriend but she ditched me for some men in VIP" "why you ain't go with her?" "i wasn't feeling all that, those men in VIP ain't nothing but pussy thirsty scumbags. " " i feel you.. mind if i buy you a drink?" as he reached into his pocket she grabbed his wrist stopping him "it's cool, i got it. let me buy you a drink" that attracted him to her even more than before "are you sure?" "it's my treat, sh" she ended up buying rounds of strong ass vodka. " wow, i think i need to get my ass home before i get a little to crazy. " she got up "oh you're leaving so soon?" "yeah, i mean.. it was great sitting here drinking and talking with you. i enjoy your company " she touched his leg and if she was in her right mind, she wouldn't have "oh really?" "yes. really" but she was gonna remember doing her next move, grabbing his arm she opened his hand putting her number in it "call me." "I'll make sure to use it" she grabbed her bag nodding him off and made her way to the exit. one of his mans walked up to him and tapped him "bro do you know who that is?" "who ? what?" "that woman that just put her number on ya hand! nigga thats Giselle waters. " my heart dropped "Giselle waters, as in the woman who owns this club clothing lines and shit ?" "yes motherfucker thats her!" "oh shit." Giselle was well known in this town, when i mean every nigga wanted her. EVERY nigga wants her! Damn Khalil even did, but just meeting her and seeing how she is. She's nothing these people pipe her up to be, she's actually nothing they said. "nigga you better start doing the shmoney dance, you got the baddest bitch number. no man could ever do that with how stuck up she is. that woman is picky , she thinks no man can ever match her fly nor be on her level . " he smirked "yeah, i can change that. i think she just met her match"

It's been another week after seeing Giselle in the club and he has yet to use her number.. he put it in his phone but never got the balls to call her. After finding out who she is, his whole demeanor changed. " okay you got this Khalil .. fuck you scared for ? it's just Giselle " after having his pep talk he finally dialed her number and it started ringing. After 3 rings, she picked up the phone "Giselle " her voice was so soft over the phone "wassup Giselle this is- " "Khalil " he felt her smile "yeah, it's me" "what took you so long to call?" "a nigga wanted to pick the right time to call you to have an intimate conversation " she chuckled " real cute " they sat on the phone for hours . all night , talking bout everything . They even got so into it they fell asleep on the phone.. he's never done that with nobody. neither had Giselle but to her? it was just a start of a friendship . she couldn't deny she yearned for companionship .. she wanted to be wanted . . she wants to be happy but since her first heart break she was scared to try it .

She woke up the next day to her phone dumb hot. Looking at it, she seen they were still on the phone. Sitting up she stretched and wiped her eyes as get hair fell over her face, she slept in her bra and panties daily . she picked her hot phone up and put it to her ear " helllloooo " he heard his light little snores which made her giggle. Then imagined if she woke up to that every morning .. but that slowly faded when her phone died. damn it she mumbled as she searched high and low for get charger only for it to be in her car.

Putting a robe on she went outside . after grabbing her charger she went for her mail before she could walk in. there go her stupid ex boyfriend .. she tried to speed walking but he beeped . " fuck " turning around she put her hand on her hip " Giselle great timing . " she walked to his car and inhaled the perfect cologne he had on " where's my stuff ? " she asked uninterested , His name was Malcom.. he still and will always love Giselle , he's really tall lightskin goatee and fresh curly top . At one point they were engaged but right before the wedding she caught him in bed with her bestfriend . " you look beautiful " she looked at him with a straight face because everytime she looked at him she remembered what happened . " thank you .. where's my stuff i need to charge my phone " she nonchalantly said . giving her the package she got , she checked it " good look " as she turned to leave, he watched her wishing what he did never happened. He put his car in drive and sped off heading home to his mess up. the wife & kids he had on Giselle...

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