Chapter Two

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Chapter two

Joel darted to get behind a tree and managed to crouch behind a fallen tree without much hassle. He exhaled the breath he hadn't realised he had been holding and turned around when he realised Ellie wasn't next to him. Joel spun around and his hands turned into fists as he realised that once again, She had ran offf. Looking around he couldn't see her fiery red hair...

And then he saw it.

She was going to try and shiv the clicker. Joel started to stare at Ellie, hoping his eyes would be a signal to back down before anything bad happened. But, She didn't get the hint and kept on crawling closer to the clicker. Ellie took in a deep breath before launching herself at the clicker which now screeched and thrashed now that it had something on its back. Its thin hands thrashed behind it and what Joel saw next seemed to play in slow motion for him. He watched as the clicker got lucky with it's hands and it managed to knock the knife out of her hand. The clicker seemed to notice the fact that she hadnt't moved. The clicker spun around quickly, throwing ellie off and landing onto the dusty forest floor hard. The clicker ran towards Elie and latched onto her, shaking her around violently.

"Joel!!" Ellie screamed, whilst trackling the clickers jaws that threatened to grab onto her neck. Hearing her scream his name snapped him out of his fake reality and into the present, Darting forward to get to Ellie. Ellie pushed herself into the ground as much as she could but found that she was stuck. As she continued to fight the Clicker started to use his hands to try and grab any flesh it could. Ellie started to really panic as the clickers mangled mouth got even closer and then she remebered the first time she had gotten bitten with Riley. Ellie seemed to forget whast she was fighting and her strength faltered for a second, Which was enough time for the Clicker to dig its jagged teeth into her thin neck violently...

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