Calum's POV:

After a long pause I decide to tell her. I never talk about this with anyone, but she's not anyone.

I sigh heavily "My mum got sick."

"Okay, and?" she pushes.

"And she almost died. She had cancer and was on chemo. They didn't think she was gonna make it. Gave her an expiration date and all that shit. I was totally pissed at the world and didn't give a fuck about anything or anyone."

"Shit." she whispers.

"Yeah. So I fucked any girl just to keep myself busy. I drank to numb myself. Experimented with some stuff, found some stuff that worked too well. Got hooked on it. Got in fights constantly. Then one day I went to see my mum in the hospital. I'd come straight from a party that I blacked out at. I was hung over, my clothes were dirty, I'm sure my eyes were bloodshot as hell. The disappointment on her face was enough for me to quit it all." I pause and inhale sharply. "Then she got better and went back to work during the summer. There, now you know."

I leave out how afraid I am to really care for anyone. That once I admit how much I care they'll die on me like my mum almost did.

"We're both so fucked up, you know that?" she asks, leaning up on one elbow to look down at me.

"Yes, yes we are." I reply.

She sits up and straddles me again, leaning down.

"Let's be fucked up together then." she says, her lips barely brushing my own.

I can't think clearly when she's doing this, when she's sitting like this, when she's this close, when I can feel her breath and practically feel her pulse drumming with anticipation.

I lift my head off the bed slightly to connect our mouths. I kiss her gently, feeling vulnerable after everything that was just said.

After debating my next move I wrap my arms around her waist and roll her over so that I'm on top. Then I realize how badly I want her, how badly I need her right now. I push her shirt up slightly and touch her hips, creeping up slowly.

"Cal - " she says right as I hear Luke call from outside the door.

"We're going to get food, you guys wanna tag along?" he asks.

I groan and roll off of Jackie who's laughing to herself.

"Damn it, Luke!" I yell through the door.

"So that's a yes, then?" he asks, giggling like an idiot.

He has horrible timing.

"Yes." Jackie calls, sitting up and tugging her shirt back down to its original position. "C'mon." she says, holding onto my hand and towing me behind her as she opens the door to reveal a widely grinning Luke. "Shut up." she smiles widely at him as her cheeks flush crimson.

I love how much she blushes, it's like she can't hide her emotions because they're constantly on public display via the blood vessels in her cheeks.

I just scowl at Luke as he turns and begins to walk to the car.

Jackie's POV:

The four of us pile into Calum's car and the playful bickering commences.

Luke wants Pizza Hut, Michael wants Macca's.

"What's Macca's?" I ask.

"McDonalds." Calum answers immediately.

"Oh, Californians." Michael jokingly remarks.

Calum eventually serves as the tiebreaker when he chooses Pizza Hut.

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