Chapter 1

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"do you hear that Joss?" all I can hear is the dtamping and angryness of a large male stag... well that's atlest what I thought it was. At the moment I didn't know weather to be sceared or thrilled with exitment. We both had rifles however mine was more powerful. He had a 308 and I had the 270. "Hes coming towards us" He was thrashing about bashing his way through the thick bush, ploughing through everything tgat was in his way. His roar was somthing, the belowing beast was not far away at all. We both look around hear his roar echo down im the vally, "there! I see his antlers just pokeing above the scrub". I line the rilfe up in the diriction of were my farther was describeing of, I wait until I can see his eyes. I hear him come charging at me I lay still. I see his eyes looking around to see were it thought was anothoer male stag. He plouhgs the ground with his foot vigirosly. "take the shot!" my farther wispered fermly. "Not yet" I repiled. The beast chraged with all his might stright down yowards me. "shoot now!" I slam the bolt shut put the cross hairs on the deers chest. pull the trigger...

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