5. Blondie's Revenge

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Elsa's P.O.V

I walk around my old ice castle, frustrated.

Me and Jack had a break up because apparently he's on his man period. He kept screaming at me for more beef burgers and that's how we started fighting.

I sigh and plop down on a blanket of snow. Suddenly, the door to my balcony flies open, which causes me to jump.

"Elsaaaa! I'm done with my 10 minute man period!" says Jack. I smile then fly towards him.

He wraps me in his arms and we start smoochie time.

"Thank goodness you're done with your period." I say, giggling.

Jack smiles. "Yeah. Me too. Now we can have icy--"

The door bursts open yet again. And I gasp at what I see. Rapunzel stands there with an angry face.

I blink and say to her, "Uh... Welcome to my castle?"

Her face brightens. "Yay! Thaaaanks!" she squeals.

Then she returns back to Grumpunzel. Yeesh. Damn girl might have got her period today.

"Jack! You're with Elsa?!" she screams.

Yup, she's on her period.

"Well, yeah! Whaddaya expect? This is Jelsa love." Jack snaps.

Ooo that's mah man. Slay 'em!

"Well, you abandoned our baby! Now it's dead!"

Jack's face turns paler than pale. Oh darn, this is a pretty good sce--

"Wait, what?! Jack?!" I yell, facing him. He looks down.

I continue. "You didn't tell me you were a dad!"

Jack raises an eyebrow. "You like dads?"

I nod.

Rapunzel somehow gets an axe and throws it at me. I gasp and duck and shoot ice at the failed murderer.

She turns to ice immediately. Jack smiles and hugs me tight. "Thank you for saving me from that dumb blonde."

I smile back. "OK even though it was me who was almost killed!"

Jack pushes the frozen Rapunzel off my balcony and she breaks into a million pieces.

Then we go in my icy kitchen...

And we make out. #hot

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