Imagine #11

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Imagine #11 ||Paul||

Today, you were invited to go along with The Beatles in The Cavern. You were invited by your friend Paul, you are really good friends. However you wished it could be something more than that. You've had a crush on him for a while, but you're just too scared to tell him. You're not sure if he likes you back either.

You walk down the street which the cavern is on and you turn the corner. You can see Paul and George stood a few feet in front of you. They are talking to each other, in their conversation you hear your name being said. You try not to be seen by either of them and you hide behind the corner, you listen in on what they are saying about you.

"So, this (Y/N) bird. You really like her don't you?" you heard George say. You watched Paul glance down at the ground and smile to himself.

"Yeah, I do. She's amazing isn't she? Ah man, she's making me crazy. I can't get her out of my head. She's so beautiful, funny and kind. I really do like her." You blushed and grinned. Did Paul really think that about you? You wanted to do a thousand cartwheels but you were in public, and Paul would probably think you were a weirdo. You continued to listen,

"She's really got you head over heels hasn't she?"

"Yeah, I want to tell her somehow. I'm really nervous though, what if it just ruins everything? What if she doesn't like me?"

"Woah woah Paul, don't get stressed out here. How do you know if she doesn't like you? I think you should just do it, I bet she wouldn't say no." Paul scratched the back of his neck and said,

"Okay, I'll tell her today. I think I'll ask her on a date, to the cinema." George and Paul both nodded to each other. You turned around and leant you back against the wall. You have just overheard everything that Paul feels for you. This was a dream come true for you, all this time you were worried Paul wouldn't like you back when this whole time you were both crazy for each other. You just realised how creepy you just was listening in then you walked around the corner as casually as you could.

Paul turned around to face you and he smiled at you. "Hey Ludmila how a-" You interrupted him by kissing him on the lips. That was a very daring move you just made, but after what he said you were sure he would have liked it. When you pulled away Pauls cheeks were pink and his eyes were wide.

"I would love to go to the cinema with you." You told him. He blushed even more and then grinned from ear to ear. "Did you hear everything I just said?" You nodded and then he took both of your hands. He turned his head to look at George and he was smirking at you both, "Well that worked out well." You all laughed together, then you walked into the cavern hand in hand.


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