Chapter Twelve; Daddy and Princess

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(Jesus, this is extreme smut. Idk why I wrote thiss...I just did holy moly)

Andie's POV

"Are you okay now, babyboy?" I asked almost two hours of comfortable silence. "Yeah...I'm alright" He sighs. "Are you sure?" I asked because he still looked sad. "Eh....I just don't feel...good?" He asked unsure. I leaned down and kissed his neck, making him groan. "You want babygirl to make you feel good?" I asked seductively. He moaned, although he doesn't admit it, Johnson loves being a sub. "Y-Yes" He whispered. I leaned back down, leaving small but sloppy kisses down his neck. I ran my hands up his shirt, rubbing my thumbs into his collarbones. "I'm gonna make you feel so good, daddy" I whispered. idk He likes that, he hangs out with Sammy too much. I kissed him quickly before slipping off his shirt. He got all blushy and looked away. "You're acting like we've never done this before babyboy" I whispered, kissing him. "First time with the lights on" He whispered. I hopped off the bed quickly and dimmed the lights. I smirked, staring at him. I walked over and grabbed a little tiara that one of the fans gave me. I slipped it on and straddled Jack.

"I'll be your princess tonight, daddy" I whispered, my lips brushing his ear. "How many times was it last time, babyboy?" I asked quietly, sucking on his collar bone. "S-seven for you...five for me" He stuttered. "You made princess cum seven times, daddy?" I asked inoocently. "Yeah, babygirl" He whispered. "Let's go for eight....yeah?" I smiled, licking from his collarbone to his jawline. He swallowed deeply and nodded. I continued kissing down his chest and stomach, leaving small little hickeys and bite marks everywhere. I unzipped his jeans and slid them down along with his underwear. "Daddy you're so big" I moaned, pumping him. I licked up his shaft to the tip, swirling my tongue around. I took his tip in my mouth and slowly started going down. "Oh shit, more princess more" He moaned. I took all of him in my mouth, slightly gagging. I bobbed my head up and down, his fingers intertwined in my hair. "Oh fuck fuck fuck. You're so good, babygirl" He moaned. I felt him twitch before he released. I swallowed and crawled back up. "Was it good, daddy?" I asked innocently. "Yes princess" He moaned.

"Tell me what you want babyboy" I whispered, kissing his neck. He ran his hands up my shirt "Take it off" He whispered. "Anything for you Daddy"  I smiled, slipping my shirt over my head. "More?" I asked, he nodded. I unsnapped my bra, throwing it off the bed. I leaned down, kissing him. We started making out

"Touch me Johnson" I whispered. His hands ran over my back to my chest. "Are you ready now, daddy?" I asked. He nodded and I stood up, slipping off my thong. I straddled him again. "I love you princess" He whispers "I love you too" I kiss him. I grabbed his shoulders and he grabbed my hips. I lifted myself up, with his help, and slid down on him. I ground my hips against his making me throw my head back. He grabbed my hips roughly, making me bounce onto him.

"Oh shit. Princess, you're so good" Me moaned. He reached down, rubbing my clit with his thumb. I started moaning even louder.  "I gonna cum, babyboy" I moaned. "Cum for daddy, princess" He moaned, I released but kept going.


I was on my seventh. Johnson on his sixth. We've been going at it for hours. I was approaching my eighth. "Oh shit Jack!" I screamed. Once again, we both released on each other.  This time we collapsed next to  each other.

"I love you so much" Jack smiles. "I love you too" I leaned over and kissed him. "Wanna take a shower?" He asked. I sighed and nodded. We both got up but i stumbled a bit, almost falling. He caught me and pulled me up, giggling.


"You guys are sooo loud" The boys groaned. "You'll be too when you have good sex" I said plopping down on the couch. "I've had good sex" They argue at the same time. "Best sex you've ever had? Gilinsky" I nodded. "Uhh...Leigh, I guess" He shrugged. "If it was so wouldn't be shrugging" I smirked. "Samuel?" I raised my eyebrows. "Uhhh....Uhhh" He thought. "Exactly...Jake?" I asked. "I-I....well what's so good about having sex with you!?" He changed the subject. All the boys agreed.

"Well first of all...I'm a dancer...So my legs can just" I grabbed my ankle and put my foot behind my head. "Also. I'm flexible as fuck" I stood up, adjusting my leggings. I dropped down into the splits, after I grabbed my ankle, putting my foot to my head, in a scorpion position. I did some other flips and shit before sitting back down. "Also, I'm a nerd...I'm comepletely open to roleplay. I dirty talk and I can be a sub or dom" I smirked. "I have nothing to say about this" Jake stood up, walking away. I laughed and started going through my dashboard. I saw a gif set from a meet and greet about two years ago. It was me getting ignored by multiple fans and one telling me I was fat. I cried all that night.  I read the caption. 'BUT REMEMBER WHEN THE SAME STUPID SHIT HAPPENED TO ANDIE?!' I sighed and shook my head although it was true. I went to my inbox.

'Hi Andie'

'I love you'

'U looked so pretty at the M&G today' I replied till my inbox was almost empty. I continued through my dash and seen that they were having a Jack J day. I started smiling really wide and went one twitter. I pressed my compose tweet. '@WhateverAndiee; #WeLoveYouJackJ'  I tweeted and Jack ran out from the room. "Babe! Did you see what's trending!?" He grinned, sitting down next to me on the couch. "What?" I smiled. "It's 'WeLoveYouJack J' They love me!" He grinned. "I know baby I seen it!" I giggled. "I. love. you. so. much." He kissed me every word. I took his snapback off his head and put it on. "Hey, gimme that back" He laughed, trying to grab it. I ducked down before he could and ran back to the room with him chasing me. He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He picked me up and layed on the bed so I was on top of him. We were both giggling and I jumped off of him. He sat with his legs off the bed. "Hold on!" I say holding a finger up. I went to my case and grabbed my camera.

"Smile!" I pointed the camera at him. "No, baby!" He laughed, trying to hid his face as I tried taking pictures of him. "C'mon, it's for my photo class! I have to capture something beautiful!" I laughed. I started recording. "I'm recording you" I sang. "Babe!" He yelled. "Fine" I giggled, turning off my camera and setting it on the dresser. "Agh" Jack hissed. "What happened?" I asked. "Contacts are being mischeivious" He groaned, rubbing his eye. "Don't" I sat on his lap, grabbing his face gently. I opened his eye and blew in it. I gently took off his contacts and set them in their case. "Ehh. I can't see" I giggled. I grabbed his glasses and tried to put them on him. "No, I don't wanna wear em!" He groaned.

"Please?" I asked. "No I look ugly in them" I sighed "I'm just gonna have to tickle you then Jack" I bit my lip. "No" He laughed shaking his head. "Oh yes" I nodded. I started tickling his sides and he fell back on to the bed in laughter. "BABE STOP" He laughed, turning on his stomach. I continued to tickle him; from his sides to his neck. "OKAY I'LL PUT EM ON" He laughed loudly. I stopped and he sighed, sitting back up. I laughed at the little tears he had at the corner of his eyes. I grabbed his glasses and slipped them on his face. "You look so handsome" I cooed, grabbing his face and kissing him. I let go and snuggled my face into his neck. 

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