Chapter 2

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People had expressions I couldn't read, on their faces at school today.
It was either confusion or that ugh! I can't be bothered doing anything! Mood.
I'm not sure.
The rain is heavy, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone.
Cars splash in puddles as they drive past, and the chilli air is trying to get through my scarf and rap around my neck.
My bag slumps against my back as I jog, while I hold my history books over my head to keep cover.

I'm still grounded for hiding Gus's keys, even though he still can't find them, but I won't give in.
I jog around the corner onto Belle St, while dodging all the puddles.
I turn into my front yard and sprint up to the door and jiggle the handle and it pushes open.
"Well look who's home" Gus grins, oh how I hate it.
He's leaning against the door frame as usual and has a beer in his hand.
"Well look who's been doing nothing, but doing back and forth drives to the bottle shop" I cross my arms and raise my eyebrow
"Well look who still hasn't had any friends over since fourth grade" he makes a sad face and pretends tears are coming from his eyes.
He's done it now.
I run up the stairs and scream "I hate you, you know, I really do hate you!"
I open the door to my bedroom then slam it once I'm inside.
He's been treating me like shit ever since mum left us.
I thought he would be the mature one.
I thought everything was going to be fine.
But it's not.
And it's never going to be, I think as I sob into my pillow.

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