Chapter seven

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Something hits my cheek hard and leaves a stinging mark. With a scream, I open my eyes and roll over, away from what hit me. I fall out off my bed and land on the floor with a bump. I curse under my breath at the pain in my ribs, which haven't healed from the car crash yet.  "Thank Odin, you're awake!" Hayley says with her eyes wide open in fear. She sits on my bed and stares down at me.  I raise my hand to my face to feel the warmth coming from the stinging place. "You hit me?" She bites her lip and looks down. "You hit me!" I yell at her, not sure why on earth she would do that. "You wouldn't wake up." "It four in the morning," I yell  back, after looking at the clock for a second. "Of course I wouldn't wake up." I narrow my eyes at her. Waking someone up in the middle of the night isn't something Hayley would do for fun. She notices the change in my behavior and sits back to a more comfortable position. "Why did you wake me up?" I ask cautiously while I take my place on the bed again. "You were saying thing and you had your eyes open, it was really creepy. I tried calling your name, but you didn't react to that." "So then you just hit me?" I raise an eyebrow. She punches me in the arm softly. "That is not relevant. Aren't you curious what you were saying?" I nod, so she starts talking. "It ended with 'captured in a victorious fall. The winner takes it all.' That were the last sentences you said before you began repeating yourself." I raise my eyebrow again and motion her to say everything I said according to her. She frowns and closes her eyes, searching for the exact words in that big brain of hers. "Unspoken words shall forever pierce the silence, hunting the man that has seen it all. The ghost's friend possesses the stinging shadow, making the death fall." I hold back a sarcastic laugh, this doesn't make any sense to me. It's four in the morning and my head is still foggy. However, Hayley's serious attitude makes me pay attention to what she's saying even though my head longs for pillow and I just want to lie down.  "True love shines like a star through the darkest of nights. Black 'n Green carefully picks his fights." She falls silent, indicating the end of the verse. I let myself fall back on the back, bouncing a little. "No idea what it means, Hay. Maybe I was just having a funny dream." She lays down next to me, turning her head so that she can look me in the eyes. "What if it had something to do with your nightmare?" I shrug, knowing my mind isn't clear enough to think about that right now. "We'll discuss it after some more sleep, okay? I'm exhausted. Don't forget that I'm still injured, I need my bed rest." She laughs and tucks me in, taking care of me like a big sister even though she's only a year and a half older than me.

Morning comes way too soon and leaves me feeling tired still. I get up and put on my dressing down, not in the mood to chance into something normal while my injuries still hurt a bit. I go to the kitchen and make pancakes for Hayley and myself. She comes walking out of the bedroom not long after me. Her hair stand up in all directions, making her look like an electrocuted lion. "Nice hair," I laugh while I serve breakfast. She awkwardly tries to push in down but sees me shake my head and runs to the bathroom to brush it. Her pancakes have almost cooled down when she finally comes back, her light brown hair tamed and braided. She thankfully starts eating. I get the feeling that she's waiting for me to start the subject of tonight again. So I make us a cup of tea at an incredibly low speed before taking my seat next to her. I take a pen and some paper and start writing down the sentences she told me last night. My handwriting is small but net, perfected by years of making notes in school. It makes me feel like a nerd, which, honestly, I am. I push the paper in her direction, so that we can both look at it again. "So, you think my nightmare and the things I said last night are connected?" She nods, her mouth full of pancake. I absently follow a pattern in the wood of the table. "I think it goes further than that. What if, and now I'm just thinking out loud, it is connected to my gift? I mean, there has to be a reason that I get those weird dreams instead of anyone else. Right?" I secretly hope I'm wrong, but Hayley nods thoughtfully."That crossed my mind too, last night. However, if that's true, there must be some reason behind it."

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