Chapter one

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Chapter One

"Come on Ellie, Hurry up. We got to get away from Pittsburgh." Joel said, his normally quite stern country voice had been softened. Ellie slowly walked up to Joel meaning they were walking side by side. They were once again walking through a thick forest trying to find a way to get to the next city. They had both just lost two people they trusted, Ellie was hit harder by the events than he was. Joel knew not to get too attached to people, because the fate that met both Henry and Sam has happened too many times for him to count. Ellie on the other hand, May have lost a few people but she hadn't made as many bonds as he had over the years.

After the events of what happened they had to quickly leave the area. Joel had been suspicious that there may have been other Hunters in the area which meant that the noise generated from the apartment they had occupied may have been compromised. Knowing fine well that hunters were ruthless he grabbed Ellie and turned her away from the bodies of the people they had only met that now littered the floor...

"How you holdin' up?" Joel asked Ellie, Turning to her and looking at her bright green eyes. "Doing ok i guess.... He was just a kid Joel." Ellie sighed.

"Yeah but in this world, age has no meaning. Back before all of this you would have been classed as an adult for all of the things you have seen. I know it's hard but we have to keep fighting for whatever god has blessed us with. We can't dwell on what happens when your in our situation" Joel said, looking around the forest as he always did when they were together. "I guess so bu-" Ellie was cut short by Joel's big hand raising to her face. Ellie looked at Joel and saw he was staring off into the distance.

Ellie followed his line of sight and saw what he saw.


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