pink post its might be the answer to everything

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Jacks POV:

She just called me and asked if im home and hung up, should i be scared, i hope shes okay i mean thats not the type of call that you recieve everyday

Danielles POV:

I changed back into a little red dress applied some lipgloss and mascara and made my way out of the door to my black convertable. I turn the engine on and speed my way to jacks house. When i got there i rang the door bell a million times until he answered right when he opened the door i pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss and he went along, we kissed and kissed and kissed until we ran out of breathe and just stood there admiring one another. I just said the word yes, he looked at me confused, i repeated the word yes, yes jack, yes i will be your girlfriend, he gave me the most beautiful big smile and pick me up we walked into his house and sat on the couch.

Jacks POV:

Im so happy she said yes, shes so beautiful and i just need her in my life, we sat on the sofa and talked for a little, all of the sudden i had an idea why dont we bake, so i mentioned it to her and without hesitation she was already in the kitchen, well this should be fun

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