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Chapter 15

Clary woke suddenly to a loud noise from down the hall, she then heard yelling but she could barely make out who was who. 

She heard her mum crying and then heard a familiar voice; Jace, "WHAT! IM GOING TO KILL HIM! IM GOING TO MAKE HIM REGRET HE EVER TOUCHED HER!" 

She was now sitting up in her bed hugging her knees to her chest, tears started streaming, 'What have I done?' Her bedroom door suddenly swung open. There stood Jace, she had only ever seen him like this once before. His eyes were filled with so much emotion; anger, sadness, despair and self hatred. They stared at each other for a moment, not saying a word, he then slowly made his way over to her and he sat down on the end of the bed, looking at her with so much despair and sadness. 

His voice was nothing like before, it was soft and full of sadness, "I'm so sorry." 

"It's not your fault." It wasn't, it wasn't even true! 

"But it is, if I was here, he wouldn't have come and got you, he wouldn't of..." She could see the pain and guilt in his eyes; she hated herself, why did she say that? She didn't even say that he did 'that' to her she just nodded in answer to Magnus' question and he assumed from there. 

Jace didn't touch her, he was afraid, 'Jace is never afraid.' He just looked at her with those sad golden eyes, "Do you need anything?" 

She hesitated but then decided she knew what she needed, "I... I think I want to just get some sleep." 

He nodded in compliance and walked towards the door, just before he closed the door behind him he stopped and looked at her, she wasn't looking, she was already lying down in bed, but she knew he was looking at her, "I love you Clary..." 

She didn't reply, she did love him, she always will, but the guilt was to overwhelming that if she attempted to talk she'd burst into tears. She heard the door close and Jace's footsteps disappear down the hallway. 

'What do I do?' She thought about it and the prayed that it still worked, she bit down as hard as possible on her lower lip, causing it to split, she could feel the darkness coming as soon as her tainted blood touched her sinful tongue.

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