Chapter 2~ Feelings come back

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Jordan's P.O.V:

What Daniel? I never thought be would be this, this handsome. He's FINE, prefect cheek bones, jaw line, eyes, and Oh My God he's noticeable abs. He looks like he fell from heaven.

UGH, Jordan stop thinking about this boy who feel from heaven, OH LORD JESUS.

"Um, mom can I talk to you?" I asks

"Yes dear." She said finally un hugging Daniel. I grabbed her arms and drags her to the kitchen.

"Is that Daniel?" I asked

"Yes, he turned into a handsome young man."

"He's like FINE." I said blushing

"We'll go take a shower, you stink and we are having Daniel and his father over for dinner tonight."

"WHAT? CRAP!" I said rubbing to the bathroom to take her shower

20 minutes later~

I finished taking her shower, she quickly drys her hair and wraps a towel around her petite body. She quietly opens the door, and looks both ways down the hall. She starts to quickly walk to her room until..

I slipped and fell into someone's chest. I looks up and sees, that I was in Daniels arms with only a towel wrapped around her.

"OH MY GOD, um I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there. Um sorry." I said quickly getting out of Daniels grip and walks to my room slamming the door behind her

Daniels P.O.V:

"Auntie, where's the bathroom?" Daniel asks

"Down the hall to the left, but wait for Jordan, she's almost done with her shower."

"Okay thank you." Daniel said getting out of his seat to find the bathroom, he felt his phone buzzing so he looks and it's that whore Brittany again for the 5th time today, he quickly puts his phone down when someone fell into his arms.

The looks down to see a half wet Jordan with her hair in a mess and her towel almost falling off her little body.

She try's to apologize, but he knows it was his fault for not paying attention, Jordan quickly gets out of his grip and makes to her room, slamming the door.

"Oh My God, what did I just see? My Peanut grown up, half naked." Daniel whispers to himself

"DAMN, she's fine." He added going to the bathroom

Jordan's P.O.V:

This didn't just happen, Oh My God, this is the most embarrassing thing that happened in my life, a guy I haven't know for over a hour, saw me dripping wet and half naked. Really Jordan? Why couldn't you be playing more attention.

I quickly put my clothes on, my Starwars muscle tee, high waisted short, with my favorite pair of white converse. I put on a little bit of makeup, some powder, eyeliner, mascara, the usually. Then I just let my really curly hair air dry for the day.

I went down stair and saw Daniel watching Pokemon with one of my old blankets. He honestly looks like he is going to fall asleep. So I quickly came behind him and tapped him on the shoulder so it would make him jump.

"AHH." Daniel yelled like a girl as Jordan was laughing so hard her sides hurt.

"OH MY GOD YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS!" I said sitting the the chair away from Daniel.

"SHUT UP." Daniel said sitting up properly "you looked prettier with the the towel on." He said smirking

"If you tell anyone, I will slice your dick off so you will never have kids." I said with a toy knife she found in her hand.

"Aww. But I really wanted to have kids. Well with someone special though. Well I guess this is good bye old friend." Daniel said looking down at his crock with a sad look on his face

"You are so disguising." I said looking at her phone seeing what time it was.

"I've missed you Peanut." Daniel said walking over to the chair and starring at her.

"Okay?" I said moving closer to the other side of the chair where the wasn't.

"Why do you looked so weirded out? Do you remember me? I was your bubby." Daniel said, still in the same spot, as I remembered the boy in the pictures and on the back of one in little boy hand writing said Peanut and Bubby Forever.

"Oh My God, it really is you. If you are the real bubby, what happened the night you left me." I said seeing if it was really him

"We pinky promised that I will come back one day, I said I loved you and you didn't say it back, and you started crying, and I felt like a asshole for leaving you." Daniel said thinking about when he was 5 years old

"It really is you." I said happily sitting normally on the chair, but she didn't know why Daniel was still standing there, like he was waiting for something. "Why are you just standing there?" I asks weirdly

"I'm just seeing how beautiful my Peanut has turned out." Daniel said, then instantly I started to turn red.

"Are you blushing?" Daniel said knowing what the answer is

"NO." I said lightly punching him in the stomach, but it was really hard to it kinda hurt my hand.

"Where did you go, when you left?" I asked looking at my hands trying not to make eye contact with Daniel.

"I went to Florida." Daniel said grabbing my hands. I looked up and sees that her hands are so tiny compared to Daniels.

"Why Florida? Why couldn't you just stayed here with me?" I said holding back her tears.

"My dad told me I have to. I'm sorry, I will never leave you again." Daniel said wiping a tear for my face.

"Pinky promise bubby?" I said holding up her little pinky.

"Promise." Daniel said wrapping their pinkies together.

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