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            "What do I do, Mia?"

            And his voice lowered some more, like a lullaby that was forever in my mind.

            "I've lost my mind," he said, voice so soft I almost missed it, but he continued to say as my heart continued to beat loudly in my ears, "because I don't see you as a friend."

            I felt his fingers brush the side of my cheek, as he brushed a stray lock of hair away from my eyes.

            "No, Mia Lockheart."

            He rested his fingers on my cheek, his touch warming my skin.

            "Not anymore."



                                   c h a p t e r  t h i r t y - e i g h t

                        [  h o w  t o  g e t  l o s t  i n  c y a n  g r e y  ]

            In that moment, it was absolutely still.

            There was nothing else I could feel but the sudden warmth on my cheek, where Finn's fingers were. It was at that second that I finally realised what love-struck people felt—stunned, out of breath, and wishing for the moment to freeze forever.

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