Chapter XXIII 

"Uhhh, are the triplets still asleep?"

I asked, noticing that the Hanamori triplets are not with us at breakfast.

Hanamori-san is seated in front of me, feeding his little sister Chigusa-chan.

"Here. Ahhh." Hanamori-san feeds Chigusa-chan.

"Yes, well, they left early today. They said they're going to meet up with their friends before school starts. They even skipped breakfast"

"Really? Where did they say they are going?" I reluctantly asked.

"Kakeru said that they're going to the park before school starts. Ahh, Chigusa, don't be messy" Hanamori-san said as he continued to feed his sister.

I finished my meal really quick and stand up. "I see. I guess I'll be going now. See you later, Hanamori-san!"

"A-Already?" Hanamori-san asked confusedly. "And, sensei, my father is 'Hanamori'"

"Huh?" I looked at him, wondering what he just said.

"My father is 'Hanamori-san'. I'm just Daiki, so it's fine if just call me that" he smiled as he said those words.

"T-Then, stop calling me 'sensei' too. 'Nii-san' would be much better" I said, blushing.

He smiled. "Very well, nii-san"

"Well then, I should get going. See you later!"

I waved goodbye and left the room.

Hurriedly, I also left the mansion.

I walked to school.

I sighed.

There goes the idea of talking to Hanamori before going to school. I guess I'll just settle for talking to her at school. It's doesn't matter where, as long as I get to talk to her, right?

Come to think of it, I wonder why they left home so early. It must be something important that they have to meet up with their friends before school starts.

I looked at my watch. 7:15AM. It's still early. Maybe I'll take a little detour.

I took a right turn and moments later, the town park is before my very eyes.

Daiki said that they're going to the park, but I don't see them anywhere. There are a few children playing and their mothers are seated on the benches. There are only a few people since it's still early, but it is still lively here. I looked around, but there is no sign of the triplets nor any of their friends. Maybe they went somewhere else?

Without seeing the Hanamori's, I left for school.

As I was walking, I passed by Serugawa Elementary School. It's a public school with over two thousand students.

Standing outside the school gate and talking with a boy is Hanamori. She smiled and laughed and conversed with this boy who seemed to be about two years older than her. He seemed to be really close to her that he's holding her shoulder ... as if they're a couple.

So this is where she goes after leaving home early and telling her brother that she's going to meet up with her friends?! Bearing this thought in mind, I walked towards them, fuming with rage.

As I take four steps forward, I was immediately pulled away from my target.

I was pulled away behind a post.

"Hey you! Tell me you were not about to go talk to Mimi!!" Chiruki whispered madly.

"Of course I wa--!" I shouted, but my mouth was covered by Yasui.

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