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Joshua's POV

I saw sehun and Jane hugging each other and I dont know why. Im jelousing about the two of them when they are together

"psst!" I disturb them

"huh?" they both said

I knew it Jane is crying in his arms Im just really jelous. Jane just met him and they like a real couple urrgg and I just sleep.

Jane's POV

*wake up*

"uhhhh" I stretch my arms forward and sehun just wake up too while his hugging me I feel his heartbeats on his chest. I dont know why his heartbeats so fast but I m really concious about it.

"ohh your wake up, are you ok now?" sehun asked

*heads up and down*

"ohh okay, lets go and eat there down" he said

"nae, I m just going to brush my teeth arachi??" I asked

"arrasso palli palli!" he said quickly

while I am brushimg my teeth Joshua went on the bathroom too and just stair at me in the mirror I dont know why is he like that its like there is bothering on him.after brushing my teeth I have to go down stairs but he push me through the wall and hold my hands

"whyy? what is your problem" I asked

"no what is your problem?" he said

"are you-you jelousing about us?" I asked

he almost kissed me into my lips but my head turn to right and he just kissed my cheeks. I push him to stop but he is pushing me too finally sehun just get into the bathroom too and pull Joshua. Joshua punch sehun and sehun push him to the floor and puch and punch him so that he would stop.

"STOP!!" I shouted at them

sehun stop punching Joshua

"JOSHUA IF YOU ARE JELOUSING ON US PLEASE JUST GET AWAY FROM THIS HOUSE!!" I shouted at Joshua while my eyes is burning into anger

"Sorry bro" Joshua apologize to sehun

"apology accepted but bro if you are going to do it again im not going to accept your apology ok??" sehun warned him

"ok bro" Joshua says

"good, now lets eat breakfast and you Tao just get an icepack and heal your eyebags no just joking haha heal his face arrachi?" I asked

"ok maam" Tao said

"Irish unnie and EXO members lets go down now and I know that you are all starving :) " I asked

~to be continued~

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