Yoochun sat on his bed while looking at the girl sitting on the sofa.

"So, what are you really? How did you get here?" Yoochun asked.

"I don't know...you're the only one who can see me." the girl answered.

"Hmm.. maybe you're really a ghost. A wandering ghost perhaps? Because you can't accept your death so you're strolling around or maybe you left something important that's why your spirit can't transport to another dimension or.." yoochun stopped guessing because the girl looked like she's about to cry again. "Will you stop crying? I should be the one crying here because I'm facing a ghost!"

"If you were in my shoes I don't think you would be laughing." the girl snapped at him.

"As if you're wearing a shoes." Yoochun whispered to himself.

The girl heard him so she looked down her feet. She didn't notice it before! She look at Yoochun and caught him smiling. "What's funny?"

"Nothing." Yoochun said, but he just can't stop giggling.

"Yah!" the girl shouted at him and after that she disappeared again.

"Hahahaha!" Yoochun continued laughing until he realized that he is alone again. "What the--"

Yoochun hurriedly hid under his blanket, closed his eyes tightly, convincing himself that he is only drunk and will soon forget that he just had a short conversation with a ghost.


(A/N): Ok Chunnie..convince yourself..lol..This chapter is to be continued guys...I'm still thinking what to add in this story..lol..But to clear things out, the girl isn't a Gumiho or some mythical creature. I'll just keep it a secret for some mystery okay? ^^ Thank you for reading!

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