Chapter One

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I never wanted any of this. Yes, I was impulsive and mad. I made a decision I thought could bring justice for my brothers, for my family. But I was wrong. That decision made everything worse. My family thought I died while serving in Afghanistan. I could not knock on their door and tell them "Hey, I'm alive." I could not show up to them just like that. There was a funeral. They buried me with my brothers.

I guess I could say that I was still lucky having JT in my life. He was my best friend, my brother in a non-biological way. We grew up together, shared our entire childhood and hid me in a warehouse for almost a decade after I survived Afghanistan. He was the first person who knew about what happened to me when I joined the military and together we were finding the cure, my cure.

JT was a Bio Chem professor and he... we had been studying my DNA for the past years. But, no luck. I was not even sure if there was a cure for me. Still, JT kept his hopes high that there would be a cure somewhere out there.


What happened to me? It was called Operation Muirfield. I had no idea who they really were, where they were from. I assumed they were affiliated with the Government since they worked with us, the Military. They injected us with this... made us "super soldiers" with super strength and speed and super senses. I could throw a car. I could run like The Flash. I could hear people talking from a long distance. I could smell chemicals. Night visions. I could even heal quickly. Amazing, right?

But these amazing perks that I have had its own disadvantages. It altered my DNA and turned me into a monster. A beast. And when I was on that state, my face is warped, my eyes were yellow, my hands turned into claws. I could remember when it happens though. I just could not control it. I killed people in Afghanistan. Bad and good. Accident or not.


Being like this... how could I face my family? How would they understand? Would they accept me? Would Alex still want to be married to a monster like me? JT was the only person that came to mind that might understand what happened. I was not even sure if he would. I just took my chances. And thank you because he did.

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