Chapter 3 - Packing Begins

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"Muuuuum, Where's my pokemon cards?", asked Owen.

"You want to take them back home?", she asked back.

"Umm, well yeah". he responded confused.

Soon, Jordan came home.

"Muuuum, I'm home", She called out teasingly.

Mum laughed at her.

"You ready? Finished packing?", she asked me as we walked upstairs to my room.

"Not ready but yeah, I'm almost done with packing", I replied slowly.

"But seriously? India? You've been living here for soo long. How can you adjust to a new place?", she continued.

"I know. Mum says I'll get used easily. Tough part is finding new friends. What if NO ONE knows English? I'll be doomed", I replied frantically.

"Hey, chill. Things will go very well. We can skype every week. Things will be normal", she said comforting me. "Why not go to theatre? For old times' sake?"

"I'd love to"

We never used to go to those fancy cinemas. 

"Ricky's Big Country Cinema"

That's were Jordan and I visited. Ricky was an old man who tried to be famous by making a country cinema hall. But he wasn't successful due to some money problem. A few people who cared for him and pitied him visited his place. But Jordan and I, we loved him. He showed the classic movies of all times. 

"Breakfast Club. Want to see that?", asked Ricky.

We both nodded.

After the movie ended, we walked towards the nearest coffee shop.

"Classiest movie ever", she said sipping her coffee.

"I'd agree", i replied taking a big bite from my donut.

Suddenly the door of the coffee shop opened. 

"Hey sis, my car broke down. Give me a ride please?", asked Logan. "Oh hey Spencer".

"First of all, can't you see us talking? and second , sure I'll give you a ride but go buy me more coffee", she replied".

"Come on, Jordan. I'll buy the coffee for you", I stated.

"It's fine Spencer. I'll go get. Thanks though', he responded and made his way to the counter.

"Hey, you like that Log there?", Jordan asked pointing at him.

"Um, nope!. He's your brother. It would be soo awkward. I wouldn't do that", I replied.

"I wouldn't mind if you did", she teased winking her eyes.

"Yew, stop trying to wink. You look hideous.

She giggled.

"There! Coffee for my sweet sister", he said placing the coffee on the table.

We all got up and made our way to the car. I sat at the back seat while  Logan drove the car.

His hair was brown and a little long. He didn't have any facial hair which was a bummer. He had muscles. But I never really adored them. 

After they left me home and said their good byes, I ran home and fell on the couch.

Ahh, I was tired.

"Hun, yo've got to pack. Tommorow is the flight", stated Mum.

I dragged my feet upstairs and continued packing. 

"How does  the house in India look? Do I get a room to myself?", asked Hunter.

"It's really good", I replied exhausted. "I guess you might".

After or little conversation, he ran to Owen's room and hung out there for a while.

"Leaving to India would be so weird", I kept saying to myself.

We were born and raised up abroad and usually visited India for vacations. Being an Indian, mum thought it would be the best to get educated there. Argh.

I won't lie, but none of us looked like Indians. Well, we did have a little Indian look. 

When I first told Jordan that I was an Indian, she wouldn't believe me.

Hunter being just 7 years old, was fair. He had straight long hair. Which now reminds me, it's time to cut his hair.

Owen was fair but a little tanned. He too had dark brown hair which was straight. He was tall and had the most beautiful brown eyes.

Mum was tanned. She had curly hair. She was tall like dad and had grey eyes. And dad, was fair. He had long hair too. All the guys in our family had long hair.

Long hair didn't mean till their shoulders.

And me? Well, I looked okay.

By dinner time, all of us had seated down and were saying our prayers when suddenly dad came home. 

"Open the door. Open the f**king door", Dad yelled banging the door.

Hunter looked at me. Owen too did the same.

" I won't wait outside for long", he continued. "Open the door".

Mum told us to go to our rooms. Owen ran as fast as his legs would take him. I still sat glued to the chair.

Mum ran over to the door and opened it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Won't you open the door if I come late? Is there a new timing in this house?", dad shouted. 

"Dadd?", Hunter asked glaring at him. Oh God! I forgot he was next to me.

"What boy? You want to drink like me? Come. Let's go together and drink", He told.

"Stop it", mum shouted back. 

I grabbed Hunter and took him to my room. I called Owen too.

"Why is dad behaving like this? He never drinks", asked Owen confused.

"Well, I guess something bad must have happened", I responded. I was hurt seeing their faces. They looked terrified.

"Spencer, can you please tell them to stop fighting? I'm scared", said Hunter.

I looked at him, but I couldn't respond.

I put both Owen and Hunter on the bed. I told Owen to hug him and calm him down.

Running downstairs, I took Nathen from the craddle in the baby's room and made my way upstairs.

Mums' and Dads' sound got louder and louder. I tried rocking Nathen to sleep. Thankfully, it worked.

I read the Bible and prayed. I asked God to forgive dad and asked Him for a solution to all our problems.

I kissed both Owen and Hunter and slept on the floor. Nathen had to sleep in the bed while Owen held him properly. 

Why were things getting worse? Was this a sign that my life was never going to be like a normal girls'?

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