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Chapter 25: Training:

Clary's POV:

" Aren't they awesome?" Izzy squealed from her bedroom. Looking at myself once agin in the dressing room's mirror, I took a deep breath an headed out. I was wearing black training pants ( A/N: Is that what Americans call trousers? I'm English :D) , simple black T-Shirt and black sneakers. I looked in the vanity mirror and pulled my hair into a high ponytail. " I gotta go, Izzy. See ya!" I called as I walked our if the door. Following Church, the Lightwood's cat, I finally found the training room. Jace was in the middle, and was throwing knives at a dummy. Every single knife buried itself somewhere critical in the human body. " Are you done staring at me?" Jace mocked me. I closed my mouth and blinked, before glaring at him. " Good." He spoke. " Lets get started then."

" Oh come ON, Jace!" I shouted. " We've been training for eight hours straight!" I was sweating like mad and needed a drink so bad. " You can have a drink then." Jace sighed. I rushed over to my water bottle and downed it in one go. I smirked at Jace as he drank as well. " What next?" I asked Jace. " Grappling. You need to try and pin me, OK?" I nodded and we circled each other. He shouted Japanese karate blocking moves at me. "Mawashagari!" He shouted and I kicked him to the head. " Maegeri!" I front kicked him and he stumbled back. I was confused for a minutes but then I saw the red mark on his chin. " Oh.... Jace! I'm so sorry, I-" He cut me off. " It's fine. I've had worse." He added.
Time Lapse:
" Lets stop now." Jace spoke after 4 hours. " Jace, why do I feel like I know this?" I asked him.
" You were trained before." He started, digging into his bad and packing. " Your mother erased all Shadowhunter related memories from your mind." It's Sunday today." He added, a thoughtful look in his eyes. " So?" I asked him, confused. " You have to to to school." He smirked. " Me, Izzy and Alec, however, do not." I whined until he walked out of the training room, mocking me into his room.

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BTW: I am a black belt in karate, that's how I know the words. I'm the third youngest in my martial arts school ;).
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