Things are going great with Layla! I have never loved anyone more! We spend every single second planning our wedding and thinking of what we want at the reception. "Hey baby!" Layla said waking up, wrapped in my arms, even when she first wakes up she's so cute! "Hey Hun. You ok?"

"I'm perfect!" She said smiling at me, starting to stretch. "Yes...you...are!" I said, jokingly looking her up and down. "Stop it, Seamen! Aint gonna happen today!" She said in a cute accent.

"I love you baby." I said to her.

"Hhhmmm....I guess I love you too" She said winking at me; I knew she was teasing me but I still loved it!


I walked past Ryan and Layla's room and heard them laughing together...I couldn't take this! I ran down the stairs and found Taylor downstairs in the living room watching TV with Blake and Scarlett. "Taylor! Can I talk to you please? I need your help..."

"Oh, sure Derek." She said smiling at me, standing up. We went into the kitchen, this was going to be hard to tell her, but I had to do something, I couldn't lose her forever! "So, what's up, Derek?" She asked. Here goes nothing...


I was really hungry so I went downstairs to grab some food, when I saw Taylor and Derek walking into the kitchen; I stayed halfway up the stairs, listening to what they were saying...

I was so shocked after what I heard, was it true?! I really couldn't believe it! When I realised... Before I tie myself down forever, before I spend my life with Ryan. I could perhaps have a little fun first...


"Taylor, I need some advice..." I said, looking into her eyes. 

"Sure, what's up?" She asked.

"Well, I-I..." I took a deep breath. "I still love Layla, I can't live without her. I wanted to burn Ryan for hurting her before...But I think Ronnie already had that covered, but she still loves him! I know I'm not the best looking guy ever...But while we were together I treated her right, I love her so much and I don't know what to do. And what if Ryan hurts her again I will actually murder him!" And at that moment...Ronnie walked in...shit!

"Hey Derek, who you crushing on now?" He said jokingly. I couldn't lie to him!

"...Your daughter..." His face looked in complete shock.

"Oh...You like Layla again?"

"Not again...Still, to be honest...I never stopped loving her..."

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