Niall layed in the bed, crying into his pillow quietly. He sobbed, and felt his baby kick him. He sobbed, and hugged his stomach. He ate for the sake of his baby, or else he never ate anything. He was just skin and bones, nothing more. He was everything people told him, everything negative. His crush and bandmate, Liam Payne, never looked at him; he didn't want anything to do with Niall. And Niall wanted to be something, that would never happen. 

He was a pregnant queer. He was worthless, ugly; what haters told him, was true. He was only a place who filled up on this earth, that no one wanted here. He walked downstairs, and sat at the table; knife in hand. He went to the tube, and let the door stay open. He shut his eyes, and called up Liam. "Nialler?" Niall sobbed, as he watched the blood fall into the tub; "Nialler, Niall. Why are you crying? Are you okay?!" Liam hang up, and Niall fell onto the floor, knife landing in the tub. Blood slowly dripping from his wrist. 

He wanted Liam with him, telling him that everything was gonna be okay. That he was safe, that he love him. He heard the door open, "Nialler!" Liam ran in, and Niall tried sitting up; but he fell back onto the floor, pain shooting through his wrist. Niall sobbed, and Liam picked him up, and looked at Niall wrist. "Nialler, babe..? Why?" Niall broke down again. "I'm-mm so-oorryyy, Li-iam!" Niall hugged his knees into his body, and Liam pulled him into his lap; cleaning his wound, stopping the bleeding. Niall cried out in pain, and felt his baby kick. He fell to the floor, screaming a high pitched scream. 

Liam drove to the hospital with Niall, his heartbreaking every second he heard his little Nialler cry. Little did Niall know, that what was happening to him; he was having a miscarriage. Niall was driven to a operation room, and Liam went in with him. Niall saw his lifeless baby, cur free from the cord; his world broke down. The creature who helped him the most, when he was sad, who always was there with him; was gone. Dead. And he was only 3 months. Niall cried into the baby's chest, and they took away the baby. 

And that's when Niall couldn't do anymore. He had lost what helped him eat more, who helped him stop and become more happy; gone, and he looked up, tears running down his face again. Liam pulled him closer, his heart breaking into a million pieces; Niall didn't derserve this, and Liam wanted to fix him as fast possible. Niall looked up at Liam, and Liam looked into his baby blue eyes, who showed how broke he was; Liam leaned in, and kissed Niall; Niall's stomach erupted into joy, forgetting his pain for a second. 


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