Chapter 2

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Mathew parked the car and asked me to go ahead because his got to take care of some stuff, probably his gonna prepare the romantic surprise for Monique tomorrow. I hate it. I hate the fact that his actually in love with that girl of all girls why her?!!. The masked queenbee of Greenfields High. If your wondering why I chose "masked" as an adjective its because she's fake. She's nice when she's infront of everyone but behind their backs she's actually an annoying backstubbing bitch. She fools everyone by her beautiful angelic face and her make up also helps cover up the true devil that she is.

BAM! I crashed into someone.

"Im sorry miss" he said,

Who's this boy infront of me? I've never seen him before. But his got a wrong timing Im not in a very good  mood today.

"Watch where your going?!, your not the only one walking on these halls"

"Im sorry, Im new here I was looking for Room 228. Do you know where that is?" he asked.

Wait?! did he just said Room 228, which means his my classmate. I didnt knew we had a new classmate.

"Yes, And Im actually on my way there."

"Can I come? I've been lurking the halls for quite a long time."

How could I say no to those pair of oceanic blue eyes. What the hell am I thinking?! But those eyes its really amazing. I could stare at it the whole day as if it was a beautiful oil painting. Wait!! what?!! stop!! Georgina Miles!! Stop this nonsense!!

"Fine. Let's go. You dont wanna be late on your firstday... Oh! before I forget, our first teacher is the complete definition of terror. So Goodluck cause you'll need alot of that."

"Thanks for the headsup. Im Zack Zanders nice to meet you" he said while extending his hand for a handshake.

"Georgina Miles" I accepted the handshake he offered. He sure knows how to properly introduce himself to a girl. So we made our way to our classroom and he was impressed on how huge Greenfields High is. I remember my first day here in Greenfields High I got lost aswell. Good thing Mathew is good with directions we found our classroom on time.

We reached our classroom a few minutes after the bell rang. Which only means were late.

"Not a good way to make a good impression" Zack said.

"Sorry" I know it wasnt my fault that we were late but I feel sorry for him. He wanted to make a good impression on his first day. Being late wont help him get the impression that he wants.

"Nah! It's not your fault. Thanks for the help though."

What a nice guy I was harsh at him and all but he still gave me a handsome smile and thanked me even if we both didnt make it on time.

"Why are you late Ms. Miles? Dont you know that are classes starts at 9 and it's already 9:10?" Mr. Ramirez said.

"Im-" I was about to say sorry but Zack cut me off.

"It's actually my fault sir. I got lost, good thing Georgina helped me find this room."Zack explained.

"If that's the case then your save from being punished Ms. Miles also take this as your first warning. You may now take your seat. As for you  Mr. Introduce yourself."

I sit next to Mathew who was busy writing something in a pink scented paper, while Zack introduce himself infront of the whole class.

" Hi Im Zack Zanders and Im from Canada. My family and I recently moved here in L.A." zander said.

Afterwards he took the vacant seat at my back. Our english class passed by and it was time for our Physics class. I love physics. No wonder I always get the highest remarks when Sr. Goodsman gives us a popquiz. All of my classmates are asleep during this period including my moron bestfriend, Mathew. Sir Goodsman doesnt mind as long as you wont blame him or complain if you got a low score in his subject that's fine with him. Usually I am the only student who participates when he gives a discussion but now there are two of us Zack Zanders and me. I gotta admit his good but not good enough to beat me. I enjoyed physics class so much that I didnt notice the bell rang and you know what they say about time "When your having fun time is ticking fast, but when your bored time is as slow as a turtle".

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