Charlotte's POV

I can't believe it, the boys are going on tour and I only found out last night that they have to leave. I jumped onto my bed after a long day ready for a good nights sleep

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I hit snooze again, a few more minutes passed so I got up and turned to the clock.

"9am I'm going to be late!!" I said then I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. I still had last nights makeup on, I looked like a train reck.

After I was finished I ran to my wardrobe and picked out my denim skater skirt and a lace crop top with a floral cardigan. I went to get some breakfast and I noticed that Elise's, Lauren's and Luca's beds were all made, it seemed strange because we were normally all late, something's strange. I decided to call Lauren to see where she was 'ring ring, ring ring' I should have guessed, voice mail

"Hey guys, where are you" I said into my phone

"Call me when you get this" I hanged up the phone then looked at the time again, it was 9:30.

After breakfast I grabbed Elise's black and white poka dot wedges hidden away underneath her bed, typical Elise.

I raced out the door to my singing class. I sat down in my usual seat next to Brad, but he didn't turn up, and when I turned around James wasn't there either, I thought something was weird with just the girls but apparently it's the guys too. 'Ring,ring' the bell rang for lunch, so I headed back to my dorm and gobbled up the rest of the pasta in the fridge, then finished off some homework, that I forgot to do.

My phone buzzed, it was a text from Brad

'Hey, sorry I wasn't in singing, can you meet me outside my dorm in 5 minutes, I have a surprise for you'

Brad's POV

I didn't show up at singing class today and neither did James because he was actually sick, I am just planning something for Charlotte.

"Hey man, what are you doing" said a croaky James

"Oh I'm planning something for Charlotte" I reply

"Aww that's sweet, your such a good boyfriend" he says "listen, don't hurt Charlotte, she's a great girl and she doesn't deserve to be broken hearted" he said, which made me think for a while, until I was disturbed by James snores.

"Bye James" I whispered before I left the room to text Charlotte

'Hey, sorry I wasn't at singing, can you meet me outside my dorm in 5 minutes, I have a surprise for you" I said, then I went to the bathroom to fix my hair.

'Knock,knock' I opened the door to reveal Charlotte standing there looking beautiful.

"Hey" she said, very perky

"Hellooo" I reply, extending the end, which makes Charlotte laugh,

"So what's this surprise you have for me" she asks

"Oh right, come on follow me" he says, I grab her hand and shut the door behind me

"Where are we going" she asks

"You'll see" I reply, as I'm still dragging her.

Charlotte's POV

I reach the door of the boys dorm and I hesitate to open the door as I think I should be heading to class but instead I start to knock on the door and before I knew it Brad opens the door

"Hey" I say trying to hide the fact I'm nervous

"Hellooo" he says, which makes me laugh

"So what's this surprise you have for me" I ask, curiously

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