Chapter three

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Laura turned her head slowly and saw the teacher right behind her."Fine you don't like my dance moves, but you may like my rap moves" yelled the teacher with a red face."Umm but I don't know how to rap"Laura questioned"That does not matter you and me rap battle at 12:00 pm sharp 31th of August 2014"he screamed so loud everyone could hear him.

30th of August (The day before the rap battle)

"Don't worry Laura it's all going to be fine"Mum told Laura in a calm voice.

"I haven't even practiced"Laura yelled while tears ran down her face

"Well anyway it's not just about that rap thing"Mum said."It's a RAP BATTLE"Laura screamed"Ok fine rap battle it's also about how we have to pay school fees"Mum said in a soft voice"Anyway you need some rest get some sleep"Mum said in a quite voice.

31th of August (Rap Battle)

"Laura time to wake up"Mum shouted "Oh no it's Monday rap battle day" Laura whispered to her self."What did you say"Mum shouted again"Nothing Mum I'm coming"Laura shouted again.


"Hi Laura"Roxy yelled"Hi Roxy"Laura yelled back.The truth was Roxy was her enemy and didn't really want to see her but she had to say hello today was the most terrible day of her life.


"Hi everyone and welcome to RAP BATTLE"Roxy yelled"Today we have Laura and Mr Panda"Roxy yelled again"Who's Mr Panda"Laura questioned."Me, your teacher"Mr Panda saidLaura busted out with laughter and then quickly stopped."First up is Mr Panda"Roxy yelled with a smileMr Panda got on stage and started to singHe opened up his mouth and stared at me.Then Laura's phone ran and it was her Mum so she had to leave because you can not use phones at school.


Laura came back into the rap battle.Everyone stared at her excepted for Mr Panda"What happened" Laura said with a red face"You may not want to know"Roxy whispered with shocked face.

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-What did Mr Panda say

-Dami's first day of school

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