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Chapter 14


Magnus' eyes were stern; he snapped his fingers and Sebastian stood frozen.

Clary was shocked and confused, "Magnus what are you doing here? I thought you went to Australia with the others?" 

His voice was harsh, "I was, but then I overheard Alec saying he wasn't going if I was. His excuse was that he wouldn't be able to concentrate on their purpose for being there, I didn't want to be the reason he didn't go, it is more his duty than mine, him being a Shadowhunter and all, so I convinced the Conclave to let me stay behind and I arranged for a friend to meet them there. When I got back home, I found out about your little portal over to Europe, not sure where, it was guarded quite well. I was worried when I got here, your draws were open and I could sense strong emotions lingering from earlier. I was curious to why you portaled to Europe and why you were so secretive about it. But now I know why." 

She looked down in shame as Magnus stepped forward; he stood with authority, "Clary why were you with him? And why didn't you tell the Clave about his whereabouts?" 

His eyes grew darker with a tinge of concern, "Clary! Why were you with him?" 

Clary flinched away; she had never heard Magnus talk like this. Suddenly his nose wiggled, he sniffed the air, his cat eyes appeared, his eyes no longer had a tinge of concern- they were full of anger, he raised his voice and it was starting to scare Clary, "Clary why do I smell SEX on you?!" 

Her hands were shaking, a tear rolled down her face as she was still avoided his gaze, her lower lip started to tremble as he gripped her arm, causing her to look up at his anger filled eyes, "Clary what did you do?!" 

She dropped to her knees, she never thought of the consequences until now, she was crying uncontrollably.

Magnus slowly bent down and placed a soft hand on her shoulder, his voice was now a lot calmer and filled with concern, "Clary... Did he do something to you? Did he hurt you?" 

Her mind started racing, 'No! It wasn't like that! You don't understand how he makes me feel! It's not like that!' But she couldn't say that so she had to lie, she slowly nodded, tears streaming even faster, but not because 'he hurt her' but because she betrayed him. Magnus wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest, she leaned into his comfort. 

Suddenly she got a chilling hand on her back and heard a familiar voice, "Clary? What's wrong? Clary what happened?" 

'Simon?' Before she could reply Magnus answered, "We'll talk about this later but do me a favour would you mind decapitating him for me?" 

Simon was confused, "Who?" 

Magnus released from the embrace and looked around, Clary felt a wave of relief, 'He got away!' But hid it well, she flung herself into Simon's arms, even though he was cold he still provided a calming warmth. 


Clary was lying on her bed, pretending to sleep but she was really listening to the conversation outside her door, there were mumbles and then she heard Simon yelling, "WHAT!? I'M GONNA KILL HIM! IM GONNA RIP HIM TO PIECES AND THEN HEAL HIM AND THEN RIP TO PIECES AGAIN! I'LL HAVE HIM BEGGING TO BE KILLED!" 

She then heard Magnus, "I know! I know! He deserves to die; he has deserved to die for a very long time! But we have to be here for her, we don't want to make it worse for Clary. We need to alert the others that he's not in Australia and about what happened. You call Isabel, Alec and Jace and I'll call Jocelyn, Luke and the others." She then heard the faint sound of dialling and ringing and lots of mumbling. 

'What have I done! I've betrayed Sebastian, I've cheated on Jace, I'm lying to all my loved ones. How could I do something like that?' 

She needed a shower; she got up and went for one. 

After scrubbing clean, she dumped her clothes in the bottom of her closet and got dressed in a plain white, loose fitting pyjama shirt and grey shorts, she climbed into bed and let slumber take her. 

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