Chapter 34

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The school bell has rung that means it's time to go home Nina is still not awake Hyun Joon came to the infirmary once he find out that Nina is in here I told him it's not the right time for him to be here and it's time to go home after that he just left the infirmary looking down seriously this kids this days there more mature than me and more sensitive than me I was fixing Nina's things and mine when she woke up

"Sis??" She said

"Oh, your awake can you stand up??" I said walking to her

"Yes, hey sis are we still going to my favorite ice cream shop??" She ask standing up from the bed

"Is my sister okay just now your emotional and know look at you, have you moved on our you just want some ice cream" I ask jokingly

"Yeah sort of" she said scratching the back of her head

"MY SISTER IS BACK!!!!" I shout then hug her Then I let go

"Come on get your self fix before we go" I said lending my comb to her

She redo her hair and made it into a ponytail she puts some powder on and we head to the nurse's desk and thanked her we exit the gate the ice cream shop that Nina likes is just a walking distance after 10 minutes of walking we arrive at the shop I ask Nina to find a seat while I order our ice cream when I finished paying and ordering I go to Nina I handed her ice cream and saw her hand good thing it didn't bleed to much when I took her to the infirmary while eating we have a small talk but suddenly she stopped talking she look shock

"Nina what's wrong does your hand hurt tell me" I ask worried

She just point at the counter when I turn around Hyun Joon and his girlfriend holding each other hands Nina suddenly stand up from her seat and she starts running I shout her name but she didn't stop when I was about to run Hyun Joon call me

"Miya noona!!!" I just stare at him with anger in my eyes and nod my head telling him no then I start to run

"WAIT!!" I heard him call but I didn't stop when I got out of the shop it start raining

I look for Nina and saw her at the middle of the street then suddenly a fast car appeared it's going to her direction I run as fast as I could to save her just in time the car slow down and I pushed her to the side it hits the side of the car so hard my arm suddenly starts bleeding so is my feet maybe because of the impact of the car and when I hit the cold ground her cheeks are bleeding and so is her arm because of the force,people starts to screaming

"Call an ambulance!!!"

"What are you doing Nina are you out of your mind are you going crazy look you arm is turning violet and look at you cheeks it's bleeding" I said then the ambulance came the paramedics came running to us they assist me and Nina to the ambulance

While walking to the ambulance I see Hyun Joon walking to me

"Don't you dare speak to me or You'll regret it cause you know've hurt my sister you made her the Nina I don't know and this you made her do this she almost died because of you and your stupid girlfriend,my sister loves you Hyun Joon she loves you more than me more than our parents the two of you were close when you were little but was broken by your stupidity" I said seriously

I was about to cry when I told him that the paramedics help me get on the ambulance when we get on it the ambulance drives off fast I saw Hyun Joon face he look like his regretting something we arrive at the hospital they applied medicine at our wounds and cast our arm and my feet very fast I called mom and dad they're here right now paying our bills I didn't told Xiumin what happened cause I don't want him to worry and even the guys when we got out of the hospital mom and dad hug us

"What happened Nina??" Mom ask she just look at me I guess I need to lie for a bit

"A car is driving fast when we are crossing the street good thing I pushed her to the side" I said faking a smile

"Good thing nothing bad happened" Dad said

We get inside the car mom and dad immediately return to work after they drop us home Yumi and Mary assisted us to our room an told us to rest first before we eat dinner I can't deny right now cause my body hurts I just went to sleep

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