Part 24 - Caught up

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Natashya ignored me for few days since Ashton almost caught us in my room.

She didn't sleep in my room anymore and whenever I stayed in her room,she chased me in the middle of the night.

She doesn't want anyone knew about us. That's make me questioned myself. Am I not good enough for her?

I knew the day they know about our relationships they gonna laughed at us. I'm ready for it. But seems like Natashya not ready yet.

She's keep running from me whenever I want to talk alone with her.

Seriously I have to talk with her. I hate to feel this way. I went to the kitchen where she prepared the breakfast.

I woke up earlier than before. It's fucking hard when we stayed in a house with people who didn't know the truth about us.

"Honey lip, we need to talk" I crossed my arms and walked to her.
"About what?" She made the coffee. I can smell it.

"Of course us" I sighed.
"What about us?" She walked pass me and put the jug on the dining table.

"You've been ignoring me this few days. How can you act like noting happened?" I sighed.
"Nothing happened right? We're good" Natashya pats my cheek and went to wash the pan at the sink.

"But honey.." I whined and hugged her from behind.
"No but,bebe" she chuckled.

"Step away from me. They will see us" Natashya elbowed my stomach.
"Let them see us" I put my chin on her shoulder. I nuzzled my face on the crook of her neck.

"Seriously?" She shook her head.

"Woo hold on,Calum. I'm not ready for them to know what we are" Natashya wiped her hands on the handkerchief. She turned around.

"We will be just fine" I smiled.
"" she pushed me away and went to the cabinet.

I followed her. "You can't say no" I turned her around.
"Why not?" She looked up to me.
"You are in relationships with me. So, I can say no if I didn't want too" she continued.

"Yeah but still how long we wanna hide about us?" I groaned.
"Until I'm ready" Natashya looked away and crossed her arms.

"Honey lip....really?" I rubbed my face.
"You love me,right?" She asked me.
"I always love you" I caressed her cheek.

"Just listen to me this time" she wrapped her hands around my waist.
"Hmmm. Fine" I mumbled. She smiled.
"Thank you,bebe"

"I didn't get the kiss from you for few days and I want it now. I feel like we're in long distance relationships but in fact we're not" I kissed her nose.

Natashya giggled and kissed me on the lips. She wrapped her hands around my neck.

I gave the return. I miss her lips so much. It feels like years. So, I deepen the kiss. I knew the boys didn't awake yet.

Natashya's pov,

I'm really into Calum's lips. I felt like I was in heaven with his lips danced on mine.

I jumped and wrapped my legs on his waist. "Don't being childish ever again,bebe"

"I'm not promise" he giggled on my lips.
Calum brought me to the kitchen counter and put me on there. I thought he will stop but I'm wrong.

He sucked on my lower lip and sneaked into my shirt. His hand roamed on my skin and just grabbed my breast.

My fault to not wearing the bra this morning. I can know he smirked right now. His finger just touched my tit and made me moaned.

"Cal....not now" I let out the soft moaned.
"Then...when?" He whispered on my ear and bit my neck harder.
"Later" I tilted my head to the side. My breath hitched.

"I don't trust you. You're gonna tease me" Calum roamed my breast harder. I moaned a little bit loud.

"" I grabbed his back hair.
"What?" He kissed my neck. I hummed.
"You like it huh?" He talked infront my face. I bit my lower lip.

"I know you do" he spread my legs and pushed his thumb right onto my clit. I accidentally moaned loud. I tried to hold but it didn't work.

Thank goodness I wore the panties or I'm gonna be so wet.

I pulled him closer and kissed his jawline. Calum hummed and pushed his thumb more. I heavily breathing.

Calum moved his thumb from my clit and grabbed my hair while kissing me more.
I closed my eyes and felt his kiss.

But when I opened my eyes, I saw two froze figures at Calum's back. Ashton and Luke.

"Calum...." I tried to call him but it turned out to be the moan from me. So,Calum slowly rubbed my tit.

Then, I saw Michael just came to them and as shock as us.

"Dude..." Michael spoke up. Calum stopped kissing me. He pulled away slowly.

"They're here?" Calum bit his lower lip while looking at me. I nodded.
"Why don't you tell me?"

"I did but you just so into what you did to me"
I shrugged.
Calum put me on the floor again. He turned around while holding my hand.

"Ermm morning?" He rubbed his hair.
"Did you saw that? Or only me? Am I still in my dream?" Luke looked at Michael and Ashton.

"I saw that fucking things" Ashton shocked. Clearly on his face.

"Both of you,explain" Michael crossed his arms.
"I...ermm actually we're in relationships" Calum spoke up about it.

"Since when? Why you won't tell us?" Luke smirked.
"Since 7 months ago?" I looked at them.

"7 fucking months!" They shouted. Both of us shocked
"Why the hell you hide it from us? It's a good shit" Michael exclaimed. I looked at Calum and he did the same thing to me.

"Really?" Calum asked.
"Yes,you fucking idiot. We're happy you found one" Ashton hugged Calum like a proud father. Luke and Michael also hugged Calum. I stepped backwards to let them had the family hug.

"Nat, why are you there? Come here" Ashton brings out his hand.
I held his hand and he pulled me for the family hug too.

Wooooooweeeeeeeeeeee now they knew abt Natum. Good things happened.

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