Chapter One

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If you click on this & start reading...well you'll be confused because this is book 5/5! The first one is called The Golden Emerald. So please check that out.

Okay, I'm going to try not to make this A/N long... but it's the very last 'first' author's note I'll be writing for this series. How sad. Can't believe I'm on the final book! & honestly three years ago, I didn't even think I'd finish the first one. Well, I hope you've enjoyed it so far & thanks for sticking with it all the way up to here! dedication goes to you all.

Disclaimer for story: JK Rowling is the amazing author of Harry Potter & owns everything you recognize. I really wish I was her, because that would mean that I am a genius.

Chapter One:

July was coming to an end. Tomorrow is the first of August which meant I would be attending the wedding of Bill and Fleur. When I left Hogwarts last year I officially moved in with Jake. His apartment was protected by enchantments to keep us safely hidden from the Death Eaters. Unfortunately due to the location in the big city, we rarely got outside. The only air I ever got was when I went out on the tiny enchanted balcony we had. Yet in a crowded city, you could hardly call that 'fresh air'. After moving in with Jake I tried to push all the bad memories aside. Draco would become a part of my past. I didn't want to think about him or ever see him again after what he has done.

The Order wanted us to remain safe and hidden from the Death Eaters. So on our free time, Jake taught me a variety of spells that would come in handy if there was a battle. Jake was a great trainer, just like how Harry was a few years ago with Dumbledore's Army. Dumbledore popped into my head again. What were we going to do without him? Harry surely seemed lost at the memorial a few months ago. Dumbledore was the only person alive that the Dark Lord feared, and now there was no one to get in his way. Except for, well, Harry. Unfortunately, I don't even think Harry knew exactly what he was going to do about it yet.


Every day was the same. I had my own small room on the other side of the apartment. It was the same routine every morning. We'd wake up and train. Then eat and then train some more. Most of the time I just learned the names of the spells, because if we used too much magic the Death Eaters may find our location. I couldn't write to anyone because of the protection spell but that was fine with me. The less everyone knew, the better. Jake and I were back to our friendly relationship. I loved our friendship. Yet there were a few nights where we questioned if we were simply friends.

  One night we decided to call our training quits for the rest of the day. We were sitting by the television watching a muggle movie. At this time, only two weeks have passed since we left Hogwarts and I was adjusting to living a primarily 'muggle' life. I didn't know the name of this movie, but it was absolutely hilarious. Jake was good with knowing muggle stuff. I was actually rather impressed with these small and flat rectangles that created live stories for you. It was fantastic and the first time I laughed in a while. "It's nice to see you laugh," Jake said turning and looking at me. He reminded me of those characters I saw on the television, the ones that all the girls went crazy for. In a strange way, muggle's had the right idea, because the girls at Hogwarts went crazy over him as well.


I hadn't realized how close we were sitting at the moment. Then Jake began leaning in and I knew what he was doing. He kissed me, and I didn't pull back from him. I never gave him a chance before, but ten seconds into it I knew that nothing was really there. We didn't have that spark everyone spoke of, and when he pulled back away from me I knew he felt the same. It wasn't like when I kissed Draco...which I hated to think about. With him I actually felt something, with Jake it was nothing. "I just had to see..." Jake began saying and I nodded in agreement.

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