The Dark Lord's Revenge (EDITED)

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Striding along, toward the small houses, all in neat little rows, Godrick's Hollow, the young boy along side me. The perfect betrayal, magnificent, this time, Harry Potter would die. I would make sure of it. This was the boy to do it, James, he was just like me, he told me that the Sorting Hat had only put him in Gryffindor because of his family line. To prove he was worthy of being like my son, he must first kill someone close to him, before his father, it had to be a family member though. Someone he cared for, he had to prove his loyalty was more important than his family. So, here we stood, at the newly built house, the snake around my neck hissed to me, "Thissss issss the place."

Stroking her, absent minded, I nodded my head for the boy to enter first. He opened the door silently, carefully making no sound.

We crept up the stairs into a bedroom, decorated with beautiful artefacts and photographs, many of them contained James. James accidentally knocked over a jar, and the wizard stood, Charlie Weasley, taking his holiday break at his second home. Vanishing, I left the work for James to complete, no one knew I was back, no one could yet...

The man's eyes adjusted to the light and he spoke,"James? What are you doing here? I thought you were at school. Don't tell me they suspended you again, you can't hide from your parents whenever you get in trouble, you know."

"I...I..." The boy stammered, drawing his wand.

"Lower your wand James, it's me, Uncle Charlie. Remember? What's wrong, buddy? Maybe I can help you."

"I have to..."

"Are you upset that I missed Christmas, look I got you something, it's just I had to work. You know, my business is unpredictable, dragons don't take Christmas break like we do, and one of the Ridgebacks was pregnant, and she had to deliver over Christmas. I'll got you an extra present."

"I'm sorry." The boy whispered.

Charlie looked confused,"About what? I'm the one who should be sorry. Just put the wand down, this is too much drama over a missed holiday."

"About this, Avada Kedavra!" The boy cried, and then turned away, not ashamed. Just scared, that the man would come back, and kill him. A man whom he had once loved so dearly, would now hate him in the afterlife.

I reappeared, clasping my hand in the boy's shoulder, I whispered to him. He nodded, turning back, he chanted,"Horcruxous."

A gleam burst from his stomach, entering a small necklace he held. A pendant was attached to the silver chain with the word, Athena printed on the red jewel, holding it to his chest, he thought of her. She was two years younger than him, blonde hair, eyes that shine like jewels, she was the one person he loved the most. Apart from those he deserted, his family. James had already spoken to me about her, he wanted to convince her to join us, there was one problem, her best friend. Lily.

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