Liitle Time to Hang Out

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                             KC's P.O.V.

Finally! I'm going home. But something shocked me. By the time that I got home everybody changed moods.

“What happen in here?" I asked shockingly.“Nothing,"Chris lied.“Your face? What happened?" I asked.“I fell over," Chris lied.“I brought some pizza," I said.

“I can't wait to eat. Can you guys hang out a little more? Please,"Catherine said.“Anything for our princess,"Darren said.“I'm not princess," Catherine said.“Fine,"Darren said.

I opened the box.“I changed my mind, I don't want to eat,"Catherine said.

                         Catherine's P.O.V

I really love pizzas but I really eat a lot of it when I'm hungry. Maybe I'll just eat later.

“Hey,"KC said.“I really want to eat, maybe I'll just eat later," I said.“Okay,"KC said.

“What's the problem?" Darren asked. Then I left.

I went to my room and locked the door. I just need to have a little space to think. Everything is happening so fast. I just came here. It's pretty amazing and terrifying. What will happen next?

It's just so scary. Kurt came back to say sorry. Now I need to have an official boyfriend in 2021. It's really impossible for someone to fall in love with me. I wished it would be Chris but really impossible. I'm a decade and almost 2 years younger than him. See? That's really impossible.

He's popular and I'm not. There are many differences between us. Can I just forget it?

Then someone knocked and I just ignored it. I don't care whoever it is. I wished I never said that I should have an official relationship in 2021. I can have fake one. Do you think it's a bad idea?

I'll just stop thinking about it. Then I went out.

“We need to go,"Chris said.“Sorry,"Darren said.“I guess we're seeing tomorrow," I said.“We will,"Chris said.“Goodbye. Don't forget to text me," I said.“Of course. We will,"Darren said. Then they left the apartment.

Part over. Sorry for its shortness. I make it longer next time. Love,Catherine

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