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(Sorry if some terms don't sound right, please correct me politely)

Third person POV:

"Land ho!" a pirate from the watch tower called.

"Pull her into the docks!" The captain yelled as he barked orders to the men on the ship known as "the Scarlet".

Meanwhile, 2 women were below deck collecting inventory by going over the weapons and ammunition to see what they should buy on land. 

"Y/N! Do ya think the captain's gonna let us have some drinks at the bar?" one of the women called as she was counting the pistols.

Y/N turned around and walked over to the women and helped her load the pistols back into there spots, "I heard the Captain's got a job for us. Somethin' about talkin' to the Captain of  another ship and his second."

B/F/N groaned, "I hope we don't have to talk to those idiots again."

Y/N solemnly nodded in reply.

These two women are the only women on The Scarlet and were known to be fierce fighters.

 Y/N's specifically handled knives and such while B/F/N was good with a pistol. However, they could still fight with hand to hand combat. They have been members of this ship for 3 years now. The Pirates of  The Scarlet have gotten a reputation to be very strong but fair on the sea. They got things done when needed and stole from the ones who deserved it. But of course, not everyone has the best intentions, especially the captain.

After receiving word that they had reached land, the women made there way up to the deck to speak with the captain.

"Captain, I heard you had to talk to us about a job to complete in town," Y/N stated as they walked up to the captain who was still barking orders to the men unloading the ship.

The captain turned around with a hard stare and said, "Ladies, I need you to seduce Captain C/N and his second in command C/B/F/N in order to create enough time for the men to sneak on board The Cobalt and steal back our gold."

B/F/N huffed, "but why can't someone else distract them? I understand that we are the only women but we can fight too! And why does it have to be those rugrats?"

The captain gave her a smirk and answered, "Because those lads got a soft spot for you two," B/F/N and I sighed but we agreed, "But I don't want you two goin' and gettin' attached. You both should know that there is no time for this so-called love on my ship. Ya hear me?"

"Yes sir!"

Y/N's POV:

Like I'd ever fall for a pirate like that! I doubt I'll ever love at all. The sea is all I need. It does get lonely sometimes but the calm sea is what keeps me alive. And B/F/N's snide remarks.

"Come on Y/N lets head into town and see if we can find those knuckleheads!" B/F/N said.

I nodded and strapped some knives under my vest while she had two guns holstered on each side of her hip.

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