Chapter Two

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Yesterday, you became Kisame Hoshigaki's friend. The one and only notorious Kisame Hoshigaki. It was time for lunch and you sat next to Kisame.

Everybody kept staring at the both of you. People were afraid of Kisame because of the reason of his popularity. Anybody would be a fool to try and fight Kisame. You heard rumors that a year ago, someone tried to fight Kisame to prove to everyone that he should be the one being fair.

Let's just say he had a few broken bones.

Kisame and you were the only ones on your table eating. People kept staring at you. You heard murmuring.

"Is she crazy?"

"He'll eat her alive."

"He's going to kill her soon enough."

"Rest in peace girl."

Kisame ignored the murmuring and shook his head. He kept eating. You can tell that Kisame was tired of all of this. But it was his fault why he was so notorious.

Kisame honestly didn't care what people thinked, but when the rumors were repetitive, it starts to get annoying.

You only ate a ration of your food. You weren't really hungry. Afterall, jail food wasn't the best food afterall. Kisame laid on his bed, while you laid on the top of the bunk bed.

"Don't you hate how they talk about you Kisame?" you asked.

"I don't really care, it just gets annoying." he said.

"I see." you said.

"You know (Y/N), you're the only one who has actually interacted me without fear." he said.

"Yeah?" you said.

"Is it because of my crimes? Is it because you're lonely? Is it because you feel pity for me?" he questioned.

"Well I'll be honest with you Kisame. I offered you my friendship because I had no one to talk to in prison. It'll obviously get boring here without someone." you said.

"Yeah, I guess your right on that one." he said.

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