⚫Chapter 28⚫

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I begged Elias to join my pack and I as we asked Sebastián our questions. We entered the dining room to see a pack leaving out of another exit. Sebastián, Mateo, and a girl I had never seen before stood in front of their table waiting for us to approach them.

"Welcome SilverCreek pack," Sebastián exclaimed to us.

We all gathered around the three of them with the majority of us staring at the girl.

"This is Nailah," Sebastián said.

"Is she your mate?" someone asked him

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"Is she your mate?" someone asked him.

"No, I'm not. But if his mate doesn't show up soon, who knows? Maybe I'll just have to take her place," she said with a cheeky smile. I carefully watched to see Mateo and Sebastián's reaction. Mateo rolled his eyes while Sebastián just cleared his throat.

"Alright, who wants to ask the first question?" With my hands remaining down I saw that many hands went up.

"Haha, I'll guess we can just go in order. For now, ask your most burning question because there are still three other packs to go after you," he said.

"Is there really a war going on?" asked a girl.

"Um no, there isn't. That's what every Alpha tells their pack to make this whole thing more interesting. There really is no war going on," he said with a chuckle.

They lied to us? "So is there a deed that has to be completed before we can leave this place or is that also a lie?" Blaike asked with a tone of annoyance.

"Yes, that part is true. As a whole, meaning within all ten packs, you must complete a deed before you leave. It might not involve the majority of you guys, but it will involve some, " he said before looking at me.

Why was he looking at me? Was it that obvious I was going to be involved with succeeding the deed?

"This whole 'trip' to The Other Side is for you all to experience something that could possibly change your lives and your perspective on many things."

"How long do packs usually stay here?" a boy asked.

"It all depends. It could take just one month, or even six."

"How long has this place existed?"

"For many many many years. Many of you guys have probably seen the hall of the Alphas. Those portraits are all of our previous Alpha Aqua's," Sebastián exclaimed. So Jasper was right.

"How are you the Alpha Aqua?" someone asked him.

"Well my father was the previous one, and then my grandfather, and then my great-grandfather, so basically I inherited the title. My eldest son, when the time comes, will be the next Alpha Aqua."

"Are you guys the only werewolves living on Latum Alterum?" Nathan asked.

"No. Latum Alterum is divided into 4 domains. The North domain of Earth is ruled by Alpha Terra. The East domain of Air is ruled by Alpha Caeli. The South domain of Fire is ruled by Alpha Ignis, and the West domain of water is ruled by Alpha Aqua... which is me," Sebastián stated.

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