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I gripped her hand as Ashton did her ultrasound, us all starring to the screen.

"Look at your baby" he pointed out, grinning towards her.

"Heartbeat" she grinned quietly, making him click a button- making the familiar noise radiate across the room.

"That's my favorite noise" kathy smiles, giving Casey's knee a tight squeeze.

"Let's do a body count" Ashton smiled, zooming in on the picture.

"I see two arms, two legs and a beautiful little head, everything is still perfect, princess" he smiled, turning towards her, wiping her stomach- which was now more outward toward her pelvis- which was normal.

"She's going to carry more in her back" michael pointed out as she stood.

Ashton nodded in agreement as she held her shirt in the position we wanted for a picture.

"Does that mean birth will hurt my back more-" "baby, everything is going to hurt during birth."

two days later

Luke and I took Casey on a small trip, just to get her out of the house because between her work, school and almost constant nausea- she was about to go insane.

We walked around the mall together- us all going into stores, no one really finding anything they wanted.

Luke ran to the bathroom at one point- leaving Casey and I sitting on a bench- and I saw Casey sit up very suddenly- her eyes flashing to me.

"What's wrong?" I panicked immediately

She grabbed my hand, putting it on the side of her small stomach, and I felt the slightest movement.

"That's your baby" I whispered, seeing the excitement flash through her face

"It moved!" She almost yelled, her excitement was so fucking cute.

As soon as Luke walked out of the bathroom she made him run to her, jerking his hand to the same spoke- where his eyebrows immediately raised.

"That's the best feeling in the fucking world"

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