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i was in a bad mood, but i still managed to get up from my bed to go eat lunch with ilya and david. i got a text from david and i went to the elevator. i jogged to his tesla and he opened one of the wings for me. i hopped in. "this car is too much" i joked.

"don't talk shit about my tesla" david said defensively. i know he was kidding.

i rolled my eyes adjusting myself at my seat. netherfriends was playing in the radio all the way to olive garden. it was ilya last day in la after been around for five days. i was sad that he was leaving, he is so fun to be around. during these five days, i constantly visited david to be around my best friend. david was hilarious, filming his bits with the guys all day and editing at night.

david parked and we entered the restaurant. we made our orders and started talking, waiting for the food. after we grabbed lunch, david drove to the airport to drop off ilya. "i'm gonna miss you" i hugged him. "text me when you get there" he nodded.

"i'll miss you too" he smiled and gave david a quick hug before entering the terminal. i entered in the front seat this time and he drove us back.

"can i be honest?" he started and i nodded. "seeing you so close and attached to ilya is weird" he laughed.

"what do you mean?" i frowned my brow.

"ilya gets so soft around you, it's cute"

"oh no, i know where you are going with this" i shook my head. "it's incest dobrik, ilya and i"

"you guys never tried" he scoffed.

"we don't have to try to know that it would ruin our fucking friendship" i rolled my eyes. "and don't come with that bs saying that he likes me because i know he doesn't"

"he didn't comment anything with me, but i see the signs" david insisted.

"oh god, i'm gonna throw up" i said and he laughed. "why's everyone asking me about this?"

"who asked about you two?" david stared at me with curious eyes.

"we were at that party and ilya put his arm around my shoulder and zane, matt and heath were like 'oh my god are you two dating?'" i laughed. "ilya said ew and also said that we are like brother and sister and that's it"

"yeah right" he joked and i slapped his arm. "why zane said you confessed to him that we made out five years ago?" oh shit.

"ilya told them" i shrugged "you told todd too"

"no i didn't" he frowned his brow "it was probably charlie"

"that bitch" i muttered.

"what? you don't want people to know about this?" david smirked.

"liza gave me a weird look when i said it was on 10th grade and that made me very uncomfortable" i explained.

"don't worry about that" he said in a calm tone "we broke up like a month ago so things are kinda weird right now"

"it sucks that you two broke up" i leaned my head against the seat.

"yeah, but we're still friends" he smiled softly.

"do you still love her?"

david hesitate for a few moments and sighed "of course, the best two years of my life"

"that's cute" i giggled. "i hope you two get back together in the future"

"me too" he nodded.

after that, we stopped talking until he parked in front of my building. i thanked him and waved before getting off the car. i get in the elevator and pressed the number 4 button. i entered my apartment and sighed. timothée went to new york visit some friends and charlie went with him. i didn't go with them because of ilya.


tchalamet: we miss our baby phe

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tchalamet: we miss our baby phe

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username: are you guys in ny?

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todderic_: she's cute
username: wtf

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opheliar: this is the cutest shit i've ever seen
charliemoore: pls come to ny

username: i shipp timmy and charlie
charliemoore: are you stupid?
tchalamet: me too😭
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